I'm fixing to be 57 yrs old. Of course like so many others I would like to sing one of the songs I have written just once in Nashville. I can play a keyboard some to get the music for my songs. I believe your never to old to have a dream come true. I'm begining to loose my voice to sjogrens syndrome

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A Fairytale Come True

Written By: Maryanne Pierce

1)I searched most of my life, didnt know what to do,
then I found you
oh the feeling that i felt, your presence made my heart melt
Its a fairytale come true
CH)Its a cinderella story and it ends with you and me
Living happily ever after, its the most romantic chapter
Where two hearts meet
Its a Romeo and Juliette every sense we met
From your eyes to mine, till the end of all time
From I dont to I do, I Love you
2)Just like Beauty and the Beast, you have stolen my heart,
From the very start
Youre my knight in shinning armor, you are my Prince Charming
Its my wish from the brightest star
3)When i looked into your eyes, I felt my heartbeat,
And it was plain to see
I pulled the petels one by one and when i was done
It ended on you Love me
End) repeat slowly-From I dont to I do, I Love You