MaryBeth Hammer

MaryBeth Hammer


MaryBeth Hammer, philadelphia area singer/songwriter with a passion for affecting lyrics and dusky sounds on the piano and guitar. She's a unique voice with overtones of Laura Veirs, Gemma Hayes, and Tori Amos. Listen and judge for yourself.


Rape, a family member in combat, love, captivity, BE DIFFERENT, those are a few of the issues MaryBeth Hammer deals with in her music. She's a Philadelphia area singer/songwriter. Her debut album "Foundations" was released in 2005. The acoustic album portrayed the soul that is MaryBeth Hammer. She has something to say and has found a creative way to say it. She's exposed this passion in several states including New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, MaryLand and New Jersey. Performing at Universities, clubs, coffee houses and non-profits such as churches, synagogues, hospitals and terminal care facilities. As a young artist she believes that the purpose is to touch someone's soul with your writings. In such an instant, two strangers connect and that is what music is all about.


Foundations, released in 2005. Streaming on

Set List

Typically a one hour set. Example of a few favorites:
originals: Mother, Different, That Man of Mine, Solitude, Rain, The Saloon, Movin On, World's Apart, Wake Up Sign, She, Runaway, Exposure
Covers: Nightingale (Norah Jones), Angel (Sarah McLachlan), Mad World (Tears for Fears), Foolish Games (Jewel), These Boots (Nancy Sinatra), Godspeed (Dixie Chicks), a capella version of Another Train (The Poosies), Come to Jesus (Mindy Smith)