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Mary Beth Maziarz & Wild Honey

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Mary Beth Maziarz is a songwriter of immense range and beauty, and a force of nature onstage. Within seconds, she moves from an intimate whisper to a full-fledged bluesy belt. Her silky, lush piano perfectly frames her passionate, honest vocal. And the band rocks! You will go away changed.


Take the passion of blueswoman Susan Tedeschi, the vocal directness of Aimee Mann, the rich piano playing of Tori Amos, and the looks of Christie Brinkley, and you've got Mary Beth Maziarz.

Mary Beth began writing original music while in college near Chicago, and soon found herself stunning listeners in the coffeehouse and club scene with her earthy, lush voice and fresh songwriting.

She moved to the mountains of Utah after graduation, and found herself performing for high profile audiences -- movie stars like Tom Hanks, Aidan Quinn, John Cusack, and even JFK Jr. regularly attended her shows while they vacationed in the chic ski town.

Local acclaim and packed venues soon lead MB to her first recording project, a rootsy pop record called "Something Real." This lead to several other award-winning albums and national press.

Soon producers of the popular television show, "Dawson's Creek" contacted Mary Beth about featuring some of her music in the show. When over a dozen of her songs featured on the program -- along with an "on-air appearance" as herself -- she became the unofficial "Voice of Dawson's Creek" and became even more involved with the production. She playing a show with "Five For Fighting" at the DC season premiere event and won fan music polls hands down. She also appeared as the only independent artist on the Sony "Songs From Dawson's Creek - Vol 2" soundtrack, released worldwide.

From there, Mary Beth's music began appearing in other film and tv projects, including Party of Five, Everwood, and films "Broken Hearts Club", "Leave No Trace" and the upcoming "Jupiter Landing."

Mary Beth has sold over 30,000 records on her own "Musaic Records" label, and keeps substantial mailing lists of fans in England, Ireland, Australia, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Canada, as well as the U.S.

But a call from a German producer last spring created a real stir. They wanted one of Mary Beth's songs as the theme for a new type of television program, a telenovela, called "Bianca, Wege Zum Gluck."

She provided a big ballad called "True Believer" and they loved it! The song began airing on the program everyday in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria in November of 2004 and will conclude its excellent run in October.

The show has been a huge hit, and fans from all over the world are pre-ordering Mary Beth's new album, "Wish" which contains the moving ballad.

Mary Beth's backing band, "Wild Honey," provide the perfect groove for her unique talent. A group of A-list session musicians came together to support MB in her current album tour and bring their humor, style, and kick-ass skills to the mix.


Deeper Love

Written By: Mary Beth Maziarz

People in love tell you how to succeed
And toss you stories about all those fish in the sea
I’d rather be alone than give up real chemistry
And all the funky voodoo it does
Everybody’s looking for the pure and surreal
Come on just give me something I can feel
In my roots, in my feet, in my mind, in my sheets
I want something others only
scratch the surface of . . .

I want a deeper love
Oh a deeper love
I want a deeper love
A deeper love

I’ve got it in me baby, I’m feeling certain
Sure a little nervous maybe, and a little dirty
Round the edges you can see,
are the ledges here in me
Where I’ve been poised
and ready to leap. . . into a  

I know you’re near,
you’ve got to find me
These soulmate dreams,
they take my nights
Oh, devil loneliness get thee behind me
Angels save me,  make it be tonight. . . . 
I need a   


Every Little Thing You Ever Wanted

Written By: Mary Beth Maziarz

Life’s got a dirty way
Of giving you every little thing you ever wanted
Life’s got such comic timing
Too little too late is just the name of the game
And everybody knows,
it’s just the way it goes
Just got to do your best . . .
To protect your interests
Life’s got an evil way
Of giving you every little thing you ever wanted
Each little passing fancy,
Absent trance-y fantasy appears
And tho’ the moment’s gone,
the fleeting wish moved on
It’s true, you can’t contest . . .
That every curse comes blessed
Life’s got a wicked way
of taking every whim and
making you pay for it
Watch your heart,
watch your secret dreams
you’re gonna find out, honey,
what secret means
Come on baby make it hurt so good
give me what I want instead of what I should
Take me, make me, it’s a bumpy ride
but it’s a highway baby
compared to what’s inside  
YOU’VE GOT everything you wanted,
every little thing
YOU’VE GOT everything you wanted,
don’t you dare complain
DON’T LOOK BACK you got to move on,
with every little thing
KEEP YOUR SECRETS to yourself, and every little thing...
is gonna be alright.

And tho’ the moment’s gone,
the fleeting wish moved on
It’s true, you can’t contest . . .
That every curse comes blessed.

True Believer

Written By: Mary Beth Maziarz

I never took love seriously
I thought the stories were just that
But something changed so curiously
And I’m so glad I got my chance
To tell you how you light up
Eevery corner of my life
To tell you just how much it means,
To have you to think about at night
Cause I’m a true believer
And I’ve seen the power of what big love can do
I’m a true believer. . .
I believe in me and you
I can feel you smiling at me
And my heart just opens wide
And isn’t that the way love should be
Something beautiful inside
Not some kind of drama
that tosses you around
Nah, love is like a shelter,
...keeps you safe and warm,
there on steady ground

Chorus / Instrumental section / Chorus

Now You're Here

Written By: Mary Beth Maziarz

They tell you all good things come to those who wait
But don’t you hesitate -- lest you get lost
And it’s a sticky line between choice and fate
It intimidates you -- with the cost

For oh so long I’ve kept these signal fires burning on the shores
While my heart got knocked around a little more

But now you’re here --- and everything’s alive
Stars are clear --------- and perfectly aligned
There are signs around you when destiny is finally drawing near
And they’re showering down ‘cause baby now you’re here

I want to touch you, feel you, make you part of me
Show you what I see -- take apart the world
I want to know your intimate reality
Your deepest ecstasy -- unfurled
For oh so long I fought the good fight, believing what I knew
That someday all the stories would come true


Every moment goes around slow with such a lush intensity
The kind of depth that shakes me to my knees
And just below the surface there’s a nervous bursting symphony
Crying out to somehow be released


Goin' On

Written By: Mary Beth Maziarz

Oh, I’m a long, cool, tight machine
Baby, you could bounce a quarter off of me
Everywhere I go, the looks are long
I say -- You got it right, I got it goin' on

I’ll take you home and mercilessly
Make you take your time unwrapping me
If it seems like I get everything I want
Well -- you got it right, I got it goin' on

Ooh baby, ain’t it good
To get the lovin’ that you know you should
Ooh baby, don’t it feel so fine
To feel your body . . . climb up mine

Yeah that’s the sugar, baby, keep it sweet
Oh, Don’t lose the rhythm, oh! it’s divinity
You got the beauty darlin, I got the brawn, well. . .
You got it right we got it goin’ on and on


Ooh baby, ain’t it good
To get the lovin’ that you know you should
Ooh baby, don’t it feel so fine
To feel your body . . . slide up mine

hey that’s the sugar, darlin’, keep it sweet
Don’t lose the rhythm, no, no divinity
You got the beauty baby, I got the brawn, well. . .
You got it right we got it goin’ on, yeah
We've got it goin' on
We got it goin’ on, on, on
We got it goin’ on

Til Then

Written By: Mary Beth Maziarz

Someday, I’m gonna see you again
I walk on this faith every day
Someday all this time will have flashed right on by
I’ll miss you and I
Til then

Someday, you’re gonna hold me again
Just melt like we’ve never let go
Oh won’t that be fine, yeah I’m biding the time
Just trying to get by
Til then

Over and over and over again
I cry
Though it’s not really my way,
I keep asking why

Someday, we’ll be together again
To be all we hoped we’d become
I can abide by these slow earthly tides
But part of me sighs
Til then


Someday, I’m gonna see you again
I know this with all of my heart
Someday all this time will have flashed right on by
But still part of me cries ‘til then
Somehow I’ll try ‘til then


SIX full-length albums, available at Itunes, Amazon, and everywhere else.

1. Brand new! full-length album, "Wish" will be released August 2nd, 2005. Fourteen songs, including the European tv hit, "True Believer" the theme song from "Bianca -- Wege zum Gluck" on ZDF.

2. "Goodnight, Goodnight" 2002 (5 of 14 songs featured in tv shows or movies. One track, "Tracks fo My Tears cover reached #28 on AC Charts).
3. "A More Perfect World" 2000(10 songs featured on the tv show "Dawson's Creek" over the last five years)
4. "Supernatural" 1999 (full length pop album)
5. "Snowed In" 1997 (full length original holiday album)
6. "Something Real" 1996 (full length folk-pop album)

Set List

A typical set lasts 50 minutes; shows last about two sets. MB often shares brief stories about the songs, so we like to leave a little breathing room. Here's a recent setlist from our Utah Arts Festival show:

Two Satellites (a rhythmic piano pop explosion)
Deeper Love (rootsy rock anthem)
Better Than Anyone (soulful piano ballad)
Million Different Worlds (upbeat roots rock)
Every Little Thing You Ever Wanted (dark rock anthem)
Now You’re Here (lush pop mid-tempo love song)
Someone Still Believes in You (solo heartfelt ballad)
Goin’ On (sexy rootsy rock song)
More Perfect World (soft,"lift-your-lighters" anthem)