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"Marketplace Musician"

By Sherry Waters

In this work hard to make a buck society, it's hard to find individuals who are actually combining their God-given talents alongside their professional training and educational skills for a career of helping others – and loving their life! Musician and health coach, Mary Buchan is doing just that; and she is reaping the harvest from the seedlings she's planted in other's lives.
Mary works for Carolinas Healthcare System, where she serves in the CMC Health Center at the Dowd YMCA. She has been a nurse for nearly 25 years, but music is her other passion. She has been locally and internationally for many years.
Lamon Records has just signed Mary for a record deal - which includes national radio play, distributing her newest CD “Hidden Door” in over a thousand Christian music and book stores, releasing two singles and e-commerce promotion.
“It's my hope that the songs on the "Hidden Door‟ project helps people fulfill their dreams, discover and unlock doors of destiny that they’ve overlooked or even bolted shut,” says Buchan, who has been playing the guitar since the age of nine when her dad gave it to her.
She began playing in church at age ten and writing songs at eighteen years old. She began recording music in the 80's; “Beyond Myself” was her first music project. “I desired God to take me beyond my weaknesses and to use my strengths to move me where I was supposed to be as a person,” says Buchan.
She says that music is therapeutic and sees the significance of sharing her gift with others who can apply the lyrics to their own personal lives. Buchan is quick to note that her success is due to the support of her family, who has been a huge source of inspiration to her. But, according to Buchan, her three children – Molly, Abby and Ben – and her husband, Jim, are her top priority in life.
Helping people become healthier is another priority. She enjoys helping individuals develop a wellness care plan for their life and setting healthy goals.
She says her desire is to usher people through that “stuck” feeling. “We all get stuck at various points in our lives, especially when we lose something or someone; but I like to find out what makes a person‟s heart sing. If I'm able to discover that, then that's a start for creating a personal plan,” says Buchan.
She admits that seeing people able to tie their own shoes, brush their own teeth and open up their own can of soup – after depending on someone else to do this for them – further inspires her to continue pushing people to live healthier. Through her role with CMC, she works with medical referral patients, a cancer recovery program and the Live Well Carolinas initiative.
She doesn't just encourage others to live healthier, she practices what she preaches. In 2000, she ran a marathon which she notes changed her life. The 26.2 miles she ran caused her to become more courageous and bold about tackling other issues in her life.
“I have a passion to age gracefully and be everything God wants me to be in life.” - The Koinoiha Exchange


Hidden Door
The songs on my ‘Hidden Door’ project point to an amazing doorway out of a commonplace existence—an entrance into a whole new way of life! My prayer is that God will use these songs to bring you to a special place in His presence, where you can be refreshed and renewed on your journey. As you unlock doors of destiny you’ve overlooked or even bolted shut, the Lord will fulfill your dreams and His special purpose for your life!

Carry Me
Through the songs on my ‘Carry Me’ project, I seek to comfort others with the comfort with which the Lord has comforted me. This CD uses a variety of musical styles to draw people into God’s presence and communicate hope and encouragement to those who are hurting. No matter what you are going through right now, God wants to “carry you” as well!



“I want to comfort others with the comfort with which the Lord has comforted me,” says singer and songwriter Mary Buchan. And that is exactly what she does on her new project, “Hidden Door” and her first project, “Carry Me.” Her music uses a variety of musical styles to draw people into God’s presence and communicate hope and encouragement to those who are hurting.

When Mary was just nine years old, her dad gave her a guitar—and that was the beginning of a lifelong interest in singing, songwriting and worship leading. Mary’s first memories of performing publicly were singing for her grandparents and playing guitar at her church as a teenager.

Since then she has performed at a wide variety of concerts, weddings, funerals, church services, hospitals, conferences and radio programs. Songs from her CDs have been played on Christian radio stations across the country.

A nurse by profession, Mary’s songs have been said to convey a healing quality that brings comfort and hope to those who listen. Many of the songs were born out of Mary’s personal battles and victories, as she gave her heart to Christ and drew near to Him in worship and prayer.

“Those who hear these songs sense that they aren’t just being given some nice theories,” Mary explains. “People can tell I’ve ‘been there.’ They know they’re hearing more than pat answers.”

A native of central Ohio, Mary currently resides near Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband, Jim, and three children