Mary Desiree
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Mary Desiree


Band Blues Singer/Songwriter




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New Single:
**STEPFORD WIFE** Released on September 2011

Other tracks:

1. The Way I Am - Released on August 2011
2. You'll Never Be Me - Released on July 2011
3. Who I Am - Released on August 2010
4. Better - Released on November 2010
5. This Is Us - Released on March 2010
6. One Night - Released on January 2010
7. You Don't Care - Released on June 2008



Mary Desiree (Diaz) became a mom and a wife at the age of twenty. But, this hasn't stopped her from pursuing her dreams of spreading her experiences with people, life & love through song and poetry. She is proud of everything she has done in her life and for expressing herself in a way that only certain people can do; through song and spoken word.

It all started way back to when she was a toddler. She was always surrounded by music, in any way, shape or form. So, it was no surprise that she would eventually grow a fondness to playing the piano, guitar and any other instruments she could get her hands on. As years passed, she has also grown to pick up singing (as well as acting and dancing during her middle school and high school years). She was always passionate and appreciative towards music. Her original work derives from every day things that take place in her life, to the experiences she experienced in the past. Her single, "Better", is a song about heartbreak, being humiliated, misunderstood and being talked badly about. Which is something any one can relate to. And how all you can do is believe you're better than those who have nothing better to do, than try to bring others down, to make themselves feel better.

With the support and help from her husband, friends and acquaintances, she feels very motivated to keep pursuing her dreams. So, please take a few minutes and listen to her music and perhaps come out to see her in some of her shows. It would mean a lot to her.