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Looking for a songwriter/lyricist of Gospel, Praise & Worship, ballads and inspirational music? Then Maryee's who you want to contact. She writes lyrics with melodies or lyrics only! Email Maryee today!


Originally from Central Texas, Maryee has been writing for 14 years. With over 100 songs written, all she needs now is great singers and great musicians to connect with. Read Maryee's story concerning her songwriting on her website below.

Included in her EPK are:

A Christian wedding duet written by Maryee called Forever More is presented in acappella by Hilton McDaniel of Orange County, Ca.

All of My Life, a song written and sung by Maryee acappella, and spoken word written and recited by Maryee called Your Issue is the Title.

If anyone is willing to score the song or any of Maryee's songs for that matter, please contact her today!


Your Issue is the Title

Written By: Maryee

Your Issue is the Title

It lurks, slinks, swaying, saying something devious, and sly...
to seduce me
to entice me
to entrap me
to encapsulate me

At first I thought you came into my life to entertain me
To take away mundane
moments of trite un-sunlit grey skies and overcasty
moonless nights.

At second, I felt secure, with you, you sly fox
but seemingly unsure of the subtle enmity slowly developing between you and me.

I was fake as a 3 dollar bill
You were standing in the gap as a known imposture

But I impudently ignored ALL of the passive as well as overt warning signs-

My eyes along with my good God given senses went on a hiatus...
until further notice,
No, until I noticed the spine of my back curling,
irregularly in the most horrid shape-
And I drink milk!
And I work out EVERYDAY!

I then noticed when looking in the mirror
my face
which I religiously mollycoddled often
with the latest creams, moisturizers, astringents, make-up and the such...
was now dark, scaly, puss-filled
rancid, with absolutely no glow...full of rancor

My face along with my thoughts, depraved from all innocence
external and internal decadence seeping through my pores
piercing even to the dividing asunder of my soul
and my spirit,
and of the joints
and marrow,
of me.

They call if debilitation.
It wants what it wants, you know.
And when it's incessant
constantly digging away with me, not IT
unsheathing the sharp shiny metallic scalpel,
slaying and assassinating ME
And I did it...all by myself

Now there are some things only God can do

And some things only I can do.

God, I hear You're in the restoration business.
Your fine craftsmanship is displayed all over this place
and in other venues my naked eye can't fathom
here while I sit flailing in my self-made muck and mire.

My part I understand
is to simply stop, drop, and turn

Turn away from...self mutilization
and...find a better way
a better way to love me
to love You
to love what is good
and abhor what has obvious doom-filled
fatal consequences on ME and MY life

I want to live!
I want to love!
I want to do what ever it takes to get this monkey off my back!

And if it means I need to stop, drop, and turn

I'm in

Forever More

Written By: Mary E. Evans

(Wedding Duet)

Male You’re the one that I’ve been looking for

Female As a matter of fact, even more

Male You’re the one that I choose

Female My heart you’ll never lose

Both You’re all that I’ve been looking for, FOREVER MORE


We will spend our lives together
With the Lord as our guide

There’ll be no love we’ll have to hide

You and me together…
With you by my side, I’ll be so satisfied…


Female What a blessing you’ve been to my life
I’ll be so pleased and so proud to be called your wife

Male Through the good and the bad
When you’re happy or sad

Both My love for you will always grow, FOREVER MORE


Female Lord this blessing you’ve given to me

Male A gift from above, I have so much love

Both To give, to you, today, and FOREVER MORE

copyright 2003

All of My Life

Written By: Mary E. Evans (Maryee)

All of my life
I’ll sing unto the Lord
All of my life
I’ll sing praises unto God

As long as I live, let my meditations be pleasing to Him
As I rejoice in the Lord (2 times)

May the glory of the Lord endure forever
May the Lord rejoice in all His works (2 times)

Praise the Lord
Oh my soul
Praise the Lord
Oh, my soul (3 times-Soprano, Alto, Tenor)

All of my life,
I’ll sing unto the Lord
All of my life,
I’ll sing praises unto God

As long as I live, let my meditations be pleasing to Him
As I rejoice, as I rejoice,
As I rejoice, as I rejoice,
As I rejoice, as I rejoice,
As I rejoice in the Lord___________

Copyright 2005
Psalms 104 vs. 33, 34, 31, 35 in that order