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"50 minutes of sheer brilliance"

50 minutes of sheer brilliance

author: Per Stenberg

It’s not that MaryJet is an unknown musician. Despite her relatively young age she has been writing, recording and performing with highly regarded musicians for quite a few years. It’s just that she deserves to be better known. Her tremendous solo debut, "In This Skin", should help launch her career into a significantly greater public awareness. [ ] MaryJet is an unusually gifted musician, there’s no doubt about that. And it’s obvious that she, as the independently working artist she is, stays true to her musical visions and that she is willing to put in all the effort it takes to get them realized. With a stroke of this purposefulness and high ambition she hand-picked some of the most technically skilled and artistically developed musicians to set up her band and they certainly help to provide a tasteful and appropriate framework for the twelve compositions on the album. [ ] "In This Skin" opens in a promising manner with the two songs from the previous single release, "Mary-go-round"; the low-keyed, beautifully tuned "I Wish I Could" and the up-tempo, cheerful "My Desire". I have been raving about these songs and they are indeed a great way to kick the album off, yet in this context, the very finest moments are still to come. For instance, the next three songs are nothing short of amazing; the bass maestro Tony Levin-featured beauty "Fade Out", the gorgeous brass flavoured "Lies Beyond" and the captivating rocker "Vagabond". These and the warm and embraceable "Without Grace" (which in fact is extraordinarily graceful) are some of the highlights, but the truth is there is no song on here that falls short. "In This Skin" is a collection of songs, each with its own character, and all of very even and high standard. The journey ends with the slightly eccentric but deeply moving "How Come" which effectively rounds things off and should leave the listener in a perfectly relaxed and contemplative mood with a big, wide smile on their face. [ ] The music on "In This Skin" is full of delights and the great amount of thought and care that has been applied to it is truly striking. The compositions almost appear hand-carved and the arrangements are suggestive and thought-provoking in the truest sense. The music is the kind that you can immediately enjoy. Still it’s the kind that you won’t grow bored with because of its diverse nature and genuine quality. Both songwriting and execution are top-notch. Frankly, I could go and buy this album only because of MaryJet’s beautiful, unique voice and the mesmerizing combination of vulnerability and power in her singing. But to put it simply, there is so much more to it than that. This is 50 minutes of sheer brilliance and, hands down, one of the strongest debuts I have heard in a very long time. - Per Stenberg

"Isildur’s Bane – Songs From The Observatory"

In fact, this four track EP is a perfectly formed unit, with all of the tracks being enjoyable. The prevailing mood is downbeat, and I hear a hint or two of American influences, along with classical, folk and a modern beat or two. It’s thoughtful stuff which should grow on you with repeated listens. If you are a fan of Peter Gabriel’s more recent work, then this should definitely appeal. The material is song based – the brief length of each track not allowing for much in the way of instrumental passages – but there is a lot of emotional depth here, and Hansson is a very persuasive singer- I’d like to hear more of, and from, her.

""Songs from The Observatory""

"...the compositions are quite similar among themselves and are symphonic Art-Rock ballads with a light chamber sense, due to the presence of a violin quartet. The music is mainly built around Mariette Hansson's vocals, the singing being usually 'illuminated' by passages of classical guitar, piano and a light rhythm section, amongst the other instruments. Mariette's songwriting has a distinct romantic ballad approach, but the stuff is promptly helped by string arrangements in the background." - VM: September 14, 2005


EP: "Songs from the Observatory" (2005) on which Mats Johansson (Isildurs Bane) and Mariette have contributed equally to music and lyrics.



MaryJet is a soloproject by Mariette Hansson who is an independent artist/composer working out of southern Sweden.
She has participated in may different music constellations and songwriting groups in the past 8 years. Among others, she has cooperated with Murlyn Music in Stockholm and the cooperation resulted in some of her work being included on Amy Studts debut album (artist from England), as well as a contribution to the soundtrack of Swedish film Sandor/Ida.

For a few years she played with the free music group Isildurs Bane (IB) as a guitarrist and singer. In this group she was included on a European tour, an album, and a DVD. Together with Mats Johansson of IB she released the EP "Songs from the Observatory" (2005), on which Mats and Mariette have contributed equally to music and lyrics.

She has now found her artistic track, so to speak, and has just finished recording her debut album. She been working with producers Mats “MP” Persson (Tits&Ass Studio) and Rickard Bengtsson (Sweetspot Studios) as well as some fantastic musicians.
Her new single “Mary-go-round” will be released 14/7-08 and the album “In this skin” will be out in October.
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