The music of MaryJet is created with great feel from right from the heart. It's magnificent, moving, beautiful, breathtaking, ambient pop/rock with some symphonic elements...


MaryJet is a soloproject by Mariette Hansson who is an independent artist/composer working out of southern Sweden.
She has participated in may different music constellations and songwriting groups in the past 8 years. Among others, she has cooperated with Murlyn Music in Stockholm and the cooperation resulted in some of her work being included on Amy Studts debut album (artist from England), as well as a contribution to the soundtrack of Swedish film Sandor/Ida.

For a few years she played with the free music group Isildurs Bane (IB) as a guitarrist and singer. In this group she was included on a European tour, an album, and a DVD. Together with Mats Johansson of IB she released the EP "Songs from the Observatory" (2005), on which Mats and Mariette have contributed equally to music and lyrics.

She has now found her artistic track, so to speak, and has just finished recording her debut album. She been working with producers Mats “MP” Persson (Tits&Ass Studio) and Rickard Bengtsson (Sweetspot Studios) as well as some fantastic musicians.
Her new single “Mary-go-round” will be released 14/7-08 and the album “In this skin” will be out in October.
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Fade out

Written By: Mariette Hansson

on a certain level I wrote this story myself life took a sudden turn I jumped the train even though I was aware of the risky choice I don’t know where to begin I’m not afraid of changes not even of live so I won’t let it pass I’m not ending up with zero I decided not to dig too deep down hey, accused of betrayal a fling behind your back that part just didn’t match my inner visions made for us I feel lousy like I've failed still hanging ‘round this town but I’ll always be on my way to someplace else far from where I am I don’t know how to proceed didn’t ask of you to hold me until I die anyway I’m getting all panicked here I’ve had my fair share of drama hey, accused of betrayal a fling behind your back I didn’t know much then but now I know that It’s getting clearer each time each time of day but fate ain’t easy to swallow


EP: "Songs from the Observatory" (2005) on which Mats Johansson (Isildurs Bane) and Mariette have contributed equally to music and lyrics.

Set List

-60 minutes
I wish I could
Fade out
Lies beyond
Crystal Ice St
The Warrior
I lie
How come
My desire
Without grace
Under the wind
People are afraid