Mary-Jo Casasanta

Mary-Jo Casasanta


Straight ahead jazz with smoky vocals. Love songs of the 30's and 40's., contemporary pop that lends itself to jazz interpretation, a Trio or quartet that plays good jazz.


Influences include early rock and roll, performing with high school friends. That group encouraged me to listen to Carman McRae and John Coltrane. I discovered a Nancy Wilson LP in a sale bin. Eric Clapton fits in there and then there was a renaissance when I discovered jazz vocalists and performed and recorded standard jazz tunes.


Echo of My Dream

Written By: Benny Carter

High in the sky like a wayward balloon,
With clouds drifting by on their way to the moon.
Twilight fading.
Stars parading.
In the Echo of my dream, yeah.

Can this be for real or a mere fantacy,
Is this thing I feel what I want it to be.
Day or night time.
Dig my flight time.
Dreams are seldom what they seem.

Through a mist I view a glimpse of you and oh how lovely a sight.
But as you draw near I'm filled with fear you'll disappear in the night

So what if I wake and you're not even there.
It can't be the end of our phantom affair
Love will bind us
Fate will find us.

In the Echo of MY Dream


First Take (OB1Records)
This is Always (OB1Records)
Bossa Hanalei

Set List

Typical repertoire is jazz standards and straight ahead jazz played by the trio or quartet