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Brentwood, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Brentwood, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
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"Music Watch - Oct. 2007"

Mary-Kathryn is a new name to me, but apparently she has been creating music for the sacred/spiritual vocal market for some time. Dreams & Visions is her fourth album and continues her message of world humanity and harmony amongst all the peoples and religions of the world. This is a tall order, of course, but this album should certainly help if it can reach as many listeners as possible. I was expecting the usual vapid new age-style efforts I've heard so often before, but in reality this is quite a muscular sounding [in places] soft-rock album allied to world music rhythms and instrumentation and topped by the lovely voice of Mary-Kathryn. Many of the tracks are uptempo and with her voice gliding on top are reminiscent of Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac and even the Gaelic dream music of Clannad and Enya. Opening tracks Incense Of Praise and You Are There should win over any doubters that this is an album and artist to enjoy. Production values are very high - the clear recording of the excellent band and backing choir enhance the album immensely and take it to a different level to most of these types of albums. If you have a good audio set-up then buy this to impress the visitors! -

"Keys & Chords - Sept. 2007 "

by Patrick Wiele

It is true that in this criticizing society it is not easy for an artist in the musical area to be original and bring remarkable material. The somewhat-unknown Mary-Kathryn does it for me, however. At the beginning you hear that in her a fire burns, which speaks to your imagination. Interlarded with world music, the lyrics she wrote paint an exotic canvas, which especially puts god into the center. It is her fourth CD already, on which many elements mix -- gentle rock and folk with world music -- to reach an original, spiritual amalgam. They also mixed on her previous album, One Spirit, which had exotic rhythms with cadences from the Middle East, North American influences, folk music from France and Italy, etc. With this new disc she goes still further in that direction, whereas her clear voice makes the music climb even higher. This is therefore diversity without borders! She dreams of humanity living together in harmony and accepting everyone’s differences. The title of the CD is the beginning of everyone having faith in this. She wrote all the songs herself or with producer Paul Buono. The exception is the traditional hymn “My Father's World,” which comes from the beginning of the previous century. "I decided I wanted to create a spiritual experience to say to everyone through music." However, this album testifies of it enough. Certainly advised for new age fans, but also to other people who want an established positive outlook. More information:, www.mary, and - The Rock Magazine for the Music-Lover with a Broad Taste

"Creations - Dec/Jan 2008"

by Mark Maxwell Abushady – NYC

Well produced, Dreams & Visions is a lush pop/spiritual creation showcasing what a press release labeled a “broad-based sacredness.” Flavors of various cultures season each cut, though the overall musical sound is one of a contemporary, pleasant pop – easy to listen to, but never dull. Enjoyable. - Music & More

"Christian Retailing Jan. 2008"

Mary-Kathryn’s fourth album, Dreams & Visions, is appropriately titled—a melancholy, ethereal collection of Christian praise & worship music in the guise of
electronic, New Age pop. Mary-Kathryn has a great voice for this style, which at times sounds Celtic and at other times Middle Eastern. The first song on the album, “Incense of Praise,” features an instrument that sounds
like an electronic sitar, signaling right away that this album won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But that’s one of the most admirable things about Dreams & Visions: its willingness to think outside the box.
For example, “You Are There” is almost an Annie Lennox, Euro-pop number that shows sophistication. Unfortunately, like many songs, it is also a bit rudderless. While it shows promise, in the end it devolves into little more than ambient music. But there are bright spots: Mary-Kathryn’s beautifully haunting, almost lullaby
version of “My Father’s World” is wonderful. While it would be nice to have a few more accessible songs in that vein, Dreams & Visions is an interesting album that should be applauded for its refusal to be just another praise & worship collection that is difficult to distinguish from so many others.
—Reviews: Cameron Conant - Dreams & Visions review

"Billboard Magazine"

"Mary-Kathryn is a gifted singer/songwriter whose music resonates with warmth and a hope-filled charm . . . But the most affecting instrument on the album is Mary-Kathryns lovely voice. Theres a purity and clarity of tone that makes for soothing listening."

- One Spirit review - 2001

"One Spirit Review"

"Combining a fluid lyricism with musical influences as broad and wide as Ireland, India, the Middle East and Africa, One Spirit has woven together a swirling, shimmering soundscape that is highly distinctive and exotic while still being accessible."

- A&R Exec. David Bunker

"One Spirit Review"

"Mary-Kathryn is unique in the Christian Music business. Theres truly no one else out there doing what she does. Mary-Kathryn considers herself a modern day psalmist, but the twist is that she sets her poetry to sounds from all around the world . . . Melodic world music thats accompanied by poetic psalms for the spirit. Mary-Kathryns delicate vocals are conducive to a soothing calm."

"Raving Song Reviews"

Check out the reviews on my songs at where I'm getting rave reviews and songs are sitting at #5, #7, and #13 on the Current World Fusion Chart! - Garage

"Hot Indie - June 2008"

Mary-Kathryn: Dreams & Visions - Music Review

While contemporary Christian music may not be popular in the indie world, Mary-Kathryn's Dreams & Visions gives devoted indie fans a reason to open their ears. Her album stands apart from other contemporary Christian artists, with songs that infuse diverse melodies and slow, trance-like verses. Thoroughly pleasant, Mary-Kathryn's voice is reminiscent of the sweetly-bitter sound of Vedera and almost similar to a modern-day Amy Grant in terms of peppiness and content.

The opening track, "Incense of Praise," begins with an exotic instrumental introduction, with the tone changing soon after, leading listeners to the pleasant surprise of a Sara Evans-style twang. The seamless lyrics continue through "Dreamers": "Before the rocks and mountains cry/ who of us will testify," allowing Mary-Kathryn's airy voice to stream out as smoothly as the mountain air she is singing about. Dreams & Visions succeeds in invoking feelings of weightlessness, causing you to feel like you are floating from note to note. The looping sensation of Mary-Kathryn's voice strings every word together, making it seem as if spaces or punctuation do not exist in music.

Bringing together listeners of all beliefs with its serene sound, "My Father's World" celebrates the beauty of life, which is a theme that all people can appreciate. The slow, steady beat brings joy back into focus and forces listeners to pause and reflect on all that life has to offer. "Glory Forever" has the strongest hook, while "Eve of Your Return" is a sincere soliloquy about patiently waiting for something better. The dubbed-over "ah's" of "Eve" add the illusion of a choir of angels—a fitting touch to an already overwhelmingly spiritual song. The final track, "Wailing Wall," includes Buddhist-inspired melodies and riveting extra vocals which serve to intensify the emotions evoked by the rest of the album.

Dreams & Visions is by no means an album to blast before a Friday night out, but it is the quintessential album for a night in—while soaking in a bubble bath, surrounded by the dim light of aroma therapy candles. The album's spiritualized vocals and inspiring musical interludes provide ample time for reflection away from the chaos of everyday life. Dreams & Visions invites a new era of listeners, Christians and non-believers alike, to a fresh, diverse sound, full of echoing—and meaningful—messages.

- Liz Singer, June 27, 2008


"Dreams & Visions" 2007
"One Spirit" 2001
"Stream In the Desert" 1998
"Perfect Gift" 1995

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In a world of disposable pop music, there are a few artists who somehow manage to create music that pierces the monotonous tedium of the Top 40. From the first time we hear them there is an intimacy, a fire, a subtle shade of interpretation that spurs our imagination. With repeated encounters comes a warmth and familiarity that can only be described as visceral. We connect with them. We feel we know them. Mary-Kathryn is such an artist.

On her fourth album, Dreams & Visions, Mary-Kathryn blends elements of soft pop, rock and folk with world music influences as diverse as the continents to create a spiritual amalgam that transcends musical boundaries. Sophisticated without being elitist; understated without being simplistic, Mary-Kathryn displays an emotional
depth that can only be described as remarkable. The album features appearances by Hugh Marsh on Violin and Fergus Marsh on Chapman Stick & Bass, Tony Morra on Drums & Percussion, the Finnish vocal group Fire 4U, co-produced by Paul Buono and Mary-Kathryn and mixed by Tony Palacios at the Sound Kitchen.

While her earlier releases hinted at Mary-Kathryn’s world music influences, her new millennium release, One Spirit, exploded with exotic rhythms and Old World passions. Middle Eastern cadences nestled comfortably against Native American inflections. Traditional folk melodies from France, Italy, and America melded seamlessly with musical influences from such faraway lands as India and
Ireland, Africa and Egypt. And shot through it all was a deep and abiding spirituality.

With Dreams & Visions Mary-Kathryn delves even deeper into the world music realm, painting word pictures on an aural canvas with exotic instrumentation, adroit production, and lyrics that are nothing short of Godhaunted. But as Billboard Magazine’s reviewer so aptly put it, “the most affecting instrument…is Mary-Kathryn’s lovely voice.”

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