Mary Kaye with Professor von Wienerschnitzel

Mary Kaye with Professor von Wienerschnitzel

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Mary Kaye has been featured in numerous publications including Parenting Magazine, played on XM Kids and radio stations in the US and abroad and has won numerous national awards. Her show mixes music, comedy, puppets and magic as Mary helps Professor von Weinerschnitzel with his grand experiment


Mary Kaye has won critical acclaim for her three CDs of children’s music, including awards from National Parent Publications, the Film Advisory Board, Children’s Music Web and a prestigious Oppenheim award. She has been featured in numerous publications including Parenting Magazine and Publishers Weekly and is played on XM Kids as well as radio stations nationally and internationally. Her show is a mixture of music and theatre, featuring selections from her most popular music along with the antics of her comic guest, Professor Von Weinerschnitzel. The good Professor is the invention of David Kaye, Mary’s real life husband and a professional actor, director and writer. David has performed in theatres throughout the USA, and is a published playwright of several plays for young audiences. His play Rump! The Musical was the winner of the 1998 Zornio Prize and his screenplay “Can’t Get There” aired on PBS. Both Mary and David toured together with the critically acclaimed Theatre IV, the largest professional touring theatre for young audiences in the country.
The show is specially crafted to keep kids and their parents interested in entertained for the entire 50 minute performance. Built around the Professor’s “grand experiment,” Mary’s songs interweave with Von Weinerschnitzel’s quest to overcome the laws of gravity. The show has an overall theme of perseverance, as Mary uses her music to prevent the professor from giving up, despite several disastrous (yet hysterical) attempts to succeed. The performance, which includes magic, puppets and numerous opportunities for audience participation, has received raves from audiences ranging from large outdoor festivals to libraries and theatres.


-I Sang it Just for You- 2004
-Mouse Jamboree- 2005
-Spin Your Web- 2006

Mary has won the follwing National Awards:
Honors National Parenting Publications Award winner
2006 Dr. Toy Smart Play/Smart Toy "Product of Excellence"
2006 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award
2006 Film Advisory Board "Award of Excellence"
2004 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award
2005 Dr. Toy "Best Vacation Children's Products" Award
2005 Children's Music Web Award for "Best Toddler CD"
2005 Film Advisory Board "Award of Excellence"
2004 Honors National Parenting Publications Award winner.
2004 Children's Music Web Award for "Best Recording for Toddlers" and "Best Recording for Preschoolers"
2004 Dr. Toy Smart Play/Smart Toy "Product of Excellence" Award
2004 Film Advisory Board "Award of Excellence"

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Mary has been played on:
XM Kids- Washington DC
CFRU, Ontario Canada
Energy (3NGR) Melbourne Australia
FUN Radio, Bristol/UK-wide, Wickford Essex, England
WPRB, Princeton, NJ
WRCT, Pittsburgh, PA
WMPG, Portland, ME
WBRS, Waltham, MA
GoonieBird Radio, Atlanta, GA
KPB-AM, Portland, OR
KFAI, Minneapolis, MN
Kid Mix Radio, Norwell, MA
KIOS, Omaha, NE
KOEZ, St. George, UT
KTHX, Reno Nevada
KTOO, Juneau, AK
KUFM, Missoula, MT
KUNM, Alburquerque, NM
KZFR, Chico, CA
Label Free Radio, Long Island, NY, Philidelphia, PA
WAWL, Chatanooga, TN
WFDU, Teaneck, NJ
WLUW, Chicago, IL
WPKN, Fairfield, CT
WTUL, New Orleans, LA
WUSM, Hattiesburg, MS
WUVT, Blacksburg, VA
WXOJ, Northhampton, MA

Set List

Mary's 50 minute show consists of all orriginal music. The music used in the show supports the story of Professor Von Weinerschnitzel's difficult journey to defy the laws of gravity. Songs include:
Pig Party
Skeleton Song
Tooth Fairy
Spin Your Web
Let's Get Dressed
I think I can