Zürich, Zurich, CHE

Marylane from Zurich. That means compelling drumbeats, minimalist basslines and the spheric synthesizer sounds interweave with a guiding thread to create a melancholic musical tapestry. Larissa Bretscher masters the role as lead vocalist skillfully. The outcome is truly moving.


Good things come to those who wait: Marylane is releasing their long awaited and eagerly anticipated debut album ’Marylane‘ on 3rd February.

This Zürich-based band has been touring and playing gigs throughout Switzerland since 2006. From their initial experiments with TripHop, they have developed a unique sound which is inspired by elements from folk music, electronic and pop music. And in the middle of it all is a delicate singer who immediately captivates audiences with her stage presence and her intensity. Marylane will take you on a journey of spheric sounds, compelling drumbeats and that unique and moving voice – a journey which has only just begun.

The band spent two years honing and fine-tuning their songs together with the producers Thomas Fessler (77 Bombay street, Sina, Plüsch)and Bebi Jegen. In Luk Zimmermann (Lunik, MiNa) the band found a sound mixer who was so enthused by their music, that he signed them straight onto his label: „Marylane create beautifully spheric soundscapes with a unique and stunning voice. The way they experiement with sound reminds me of my beginnings as a musical artist.“. And it is precisely this passion for our style of music which produced an album which no music lover could or should resist. At times loud, at times gentle; at times direct, at times dreamy; but always straight to the heart.


2012 - Marylane Debut Album
2012 - Single-Release "Consequence"
2012 - Single-Release "Dreaming"