Mary Lemanski

Mary Lemanski

 Downers Grove, Illinois, USA

Mary Lemanski's music is an eclectic and unique mix of pop-laced alternative rock, urban, and dance music. She calls it "multi-genre swirled pop for the independent-minded." Mary's latest release, "Speechless," is an album of instrumentals in various genres.


Mary Lemanski started her professional music career at age 11, playing pipe organ. For the past 14 years, Mary has released her original music on the Internet. In 2004, she placed runner-up in the Song of the Year Contest, had a Top 10 Hit on's New Wave charts, and performed at the One World Festival in St. Cloud, MN. In 2005, she was showcased at Earth Mother Mind Jam in Tempe, AZ, the Putt Putt Pub Crawl in St. Louis, MO, and the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA. In May 2006, Mary won honorable mention in the R&B/Hip-Hop category of the Song of the Year Contest. In 2010, Mary Lemanski released her first full-length CD, "Eclectic." Since releasing "Eclectic," Mary has performed at Six Flags Great America and was a Semi-Finalist in the 2011 Song of the Year songwriting contest. She was also a Regional Winner in Flavorpill's A Band Apart competition and was featured on the Chicago Regional Winners mixtape. In 2012, Mary released, "Speechless," an album of instrumentals in various genres. She is currently working on her third full-length release.

Mary earned a Music/Business Administration degree from Millikin University, a certification in audio engineering from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, and an MBA in e-Business from the University of Phoenix. She is the Director of Operations and the Chicago & Springfield, IL coordinator for Songsalive!, an international songwriting organization. Mary has worked widely in the music industry, including Epitaph Records, BMG Entertainment, Clear Channel Radio,, and Rhino Staging. Mary has done songwriting, marketing, and image consultation for many record labels and individual artists. She wrote columns for and LooseyLucy's Headquarters and opened for Marky Ramone & the Speed Kings, D.I., and Val Emmich. Mary is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), as well as the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS). In addition to performing her original music, Mary is available for hire to perform classical, jazz standards, showtunes, and pop. Her other interests include spending time with her family, acting, dance, writing, and reading.


Man of My Dreams

Written By: Mary Lemanski

You kissed me once. You kissed me twice. We fell in love. What a wonderful night. Not all my dreams have come true, but my best dream come true was you. And I know that we struggled sometimes in the past, but a love like ours is meant to last. Even when life falls apart at the seams, I always know that you are the man of my dreams.

Evening comes. I watch the sun set as I wait for you to come home. All of the stress in the day just melts away when you're holding me in your arms. Everytime our eyes meet you sweep me off my feet. Everytime when we kiss it gets harder to breath. When we touch, I get weak in the knees. That's how I always know you're the man of my dreams.

Night draws near. "I love you dear." You say as you whisper close to my ear. "I love you too." I say to you. Together there's nothing we can't do. Everyday I thank the heavens above that you're here, and you show me so much love. And when I have you there's nothing more that I need. That's how I always know you're the man of my dreams.

A Better Place

Written By: Mary Lemanski

Verse 1: I wish I had an answer for all the troubles that we face. I wish I had just one day of peace to share with the whole human race.

Verse 2:I wish all of the poverty, all of the war could be swept up like dust and brushed out the door. I'd wish away all the hunger and all the disease and give wealth and good health to all those in need.

Bridge: And I hope for better times to come our way and pray for strength to brighten someone's day. Keep on trying deep inside to push the negativity away.

Chorus: Everybody vibe along with me in the search for peace and harmony, overcoming animosity, striving for a better place to be.

Verse 3: Nothing's certain, nothing's sure but somehow and someway we'll find a cure of love and understanding, wisdom and peace to rid the whole world of all the hatred we keep.



Life Goes On

Written By: Mary Lemanski

I don't know where I'm going now,
But it all seemed so beautiful.
I guess we fell apart somehow.
I wondered why you'd be so cruel.
I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep.
I even found it hard to breathe.
I felt awakened from a dream.
I couldn't go on or so it seemed, but then one day I discovered that...

Life goes on, even when the hands of time slow down.
Life goes on. When all that matters, just seems to shatter life goes on.

I know where I'm going now,
And it's all so wonderful.
I picked the pieces up somehow
And I'm on my way from you.
My mind is free. My thoughts are clear.
There is no need for me to fear.
The loneliness has gone away.
I feel like I can face each day
Now that I have discovered that...

Whatcha Doing

Written By: Mary Lemanski

Vs. 1: Whatcha doing now?
What have you been up to all these years, my friend
It seems so long since you went away
And not a day goes by
When I don't think about the times we had
The good, the ugly, and the bad, but...

Chorus: Life is so short and if we never meet again
I just want you to know that we're friends until the end of the road.

Vs. 2: Whatcha doing now?
How has life been treating you all this time?
I hope that you are doing fine. I know
It's corny but it's true.
Words cannot describe how much I hope and wish the best for you and...


La da da...

Sunshine Yellow with a Touch of Blue

Written By: Mary Lemanski

I asked my father to pick a color to illustrate me.
"If I were a crayon, what color would I be?
Tell me daddy, now please, what color would you choose?"
He said, "You'd be sunshine yellow with a small touch of blue."
I've traveled the world. I've seen happiness and pain.
But all over the world we all feel the same
Throughout my life I learned one thing so true...
Everyone feels sunshine yellow, and we all feel the blues.


Written By: Mary Lemanski

One, maybe two, maybe three or four more hours, and I'll be headed my own way, away from you & this sad town. There's nothing for me. I can't believe we've come this far to say "goodbye". Are you okay? I guess you are. This was your idea anyway.

You look at me. I look at you looking at me and wonder why it is we ever thought that things would turn out for the best. You're calm. You're cool. A rebel without a cause. You broke the rules. You broke my heart. I guess I should have seen it coming anyway.

Hey! I love you. You love me, but not the same way I love you. You always needed to be free. Just the same, I never should have let my guard down around you because you charm, you harm. It's all the same thing to you anyway.

In my heart, I know that time will heal the wounds inside. Memories fade and faces change and no one really wonders why. Deep within, I know that things are better off this way. Sometimes you hold. Sometimes you fold. This time I'd like to stay.

I guess now's the time for me to go rebuild myself so I can once again become the woman I'm supposed to be. Once, maybe twice, in your life you find a love that is so real. It isn't you? Oh well, I guess we had a good time anyway.

Fly Away

Written By: Mary Lemanski

Sometimes I feel like life is a practical joke gone bad, meant to strip you of the dreams and the purity you had. And I search and I search for something that will help me through the day. A glimmer of hope or peace that will never go away.

Chorus: And I fly away to my secret space. And I fly away where it's always safe. All my troubles and fears disappear away here, and I can fly away and find myself again.

Listening to the silence that's left when you are gone. Counting all the times we fought when you were right and I was wrong. And I wonder, wonder how I could have done things differently, and if you will ever forgive me.

Chorus - Solo

Sometimes this world just brings me down and I don't know if I can go another round. Then I realize that anyone can hit or miss and we all have bad days like this.


Groove Me

Written By: Mary Lemanski

Verse 1: Slow down! You're talking too fast, too much, for too damn long. I know you got problems, honey, but there are things I have to do before I'm gone. It's okay! Don't get your feelings hurt. I'll rub your back, walk the dog, hand-feed you dessert, but there's one thing from you I really do need. That's for you to pay attention to me when I speak.

Chorus 1: I know it's hard to feel real groovy when your down on your luck, broke and drunk, feeling blue and oh, so moody.

Verse 2: Calm down! Don't worry! I'm just playing with your mind. You know the same little tricks you used on me time after time. See it really hurts! So let's stop this fighting you're the only one I think of. It's not the day to start a war. It's the day to drop out, turn on, and make love, 'cuz

Chorus 2: I love the way you groove me. Only gonna tell you one time, boy. That I need you in my life so you better listen up and heed my advice. Whatever you say and whatever you do, I'll always be right here for you, 'cuz I love the way you groove me.

Verse 3: Quit twisting my words around, using them to make yourself sound better. I know that all your little friends are in on your game or did you think that I wouldn't remember? Now we're here together and your lovin' is so good. Now how come when your boys are around you never treat me like you should.

Chorus 1

Verse 4: Come give me a hug! I really hate to see you pout. The first time I laid eyes on you, baby, was the first time I knew what love was about.

Chorus 2


Chorus 3

Outro: I'm more than just the lover that runs to jump into your covers. You need to treat me with respect. I'm your girlfriend. What the heck! After all that we've been through, I'd do anything for you. On second thought...let's take it slow. You wanna know why, 'cuz whether we're together on the couch or in the sheets, the truth is, baby, you'd fall in love, I'd fall asleep.


Written By: Mary Lemanski

Vs. 1: I miss the way you used to look into my eyes with honest searching. I miss the way you used to smile. I miss the way you used to lean closer to hear my every word. It made me feel like someone cared.

Vs. 2: I miss the crazy things you used to do, the lustful look in your eyes when I told you I loved you. I miss the way you used to talk with me. We never really disagreed, but your no longer here with me.

Chorus: Lullaby, lullaby, lullaby...

Bridge: I know that I'm okay. I'm wondering if you are too. I think about you everyday. Where are you? I never realized what you meant to me. When you were here, I was too blind to see.

Vs. 3: I miss the funny way you used to laugh. I miss the way you'd stare at me from across a crowded room. I miss the way you used to hold me close and tell me you loved me the most in the whole wide world.



Written By: Mary Lemanski

They fell in love the very day that their eyes first met. He was an honored soldier home on leave from battle. He was tall and fit. She was an actress working as a waitress for a dime. They had found a love that would stand the test of time. One more tour and he'd be done. The soldiery he'd leave behind. He come right home and make her his wife. The day he left she sat and cried. She knew she had new life inside. He didn't know and now he's gone.

He was stationed far away in some distant land. A scorching war zone. Hell with little trees and lots of sand. He did his duty longing for the day that he'd be through, knowing he'd be holding her soon. An explosion rang out in the night. The time has come. Get up! Let's fight! Her soldier boy was very much a man. He fought long and hard, but they shot him down. His last thoughts were of her in her wedding gown. His life was gone. Now he's gone.

She got a letter from his folks saying he had passed away. Another letter he had written her said, "Darling, I'm okay. I want nothing more than to be with you by my side. In my heart, I'm with you all the time." Her eyes filled up with tears because she knew that it was true. One look into her son's bright eyes was all it took she knew that he was there beside her. In her heart, he'll always be. He's never gone. He's never gone.


2016 - "You're My #1" performed by Mary & The Immaculate Rejections appears on RTTB 38​-​16 VA - Tales From The Pop Punk World Vol. 3 (RTTB Records)

  • 2015 - Mary & The Immaculate Rejections - S/T EP (Painted Girl Records)
  • 2015 - Parasites - Parasongs: Bonus Track - "You're Gonna Be Mine" covered by Rev. Norb of Boris the Sprinkler & Mary Lemanski (Kid Tested Records)
  • 2015 - JIP - Last Call (Deluxe Edition): "Shudder" covered by Rev. Norb of Boris the Sprinkler & Mary Lemanski (JIP)
  • 2012 - "Speechless" LP (Painted Girl Records)
  • 2010 - "Eclectic" LP (Painted Girl Records) 
  • 2007 - "Last, But Not Least" EP/demo (Painted Girl Records) 
  • 2005 - "Mary Lemanski: Live at the Millennium Music Conference 2005" EP/demo (Painted Girl Records) 
  • 2004 - "Mary Lemanski" EP/demo (Painted Girl Records) 
  • 2003 - "Hello Out There" featured on "Kid Antrim Music Compilation CD"
  • 2003 - "Hello Out There" featured on "Black & Red Records Ska/Punk Compilation" 
  • 2002 - "Mary Lemanski & The Addicktives: Live at the Phoenix Hard Rock Cafe"  EP/demo (Painted Girl Records) 
  • 2000 - "Open Dress Rehearsal"  EP/demo (Painted Girl Records) 
  • 1999 - "Six Songs Just For You" EP/demo (Painted Girl Records)
  • Set List

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    Set length: 1 song to 2 hours

    Typical Set List for 1-Hour Set of Originals:
    1. A Better Place
    2. Fly Away
    3. Groove Me
    4. Sexy Thing
    5. Man of My Dreams
    6. Slipping Through the Cracks
    7. Impromptu
    8. Life Goes On
    9. Anyway
    10. Lullaby
    11. Such a Mess
    12. I Don't Want