Mary Magdalan

Mary Magdalan

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopMetal


Mary Magdalan was born into addiction. Both of her parents were severe heroin abusers, and they were deemed by the state of New York as unfit parents. Mary was shipped away to live with her grandparents at the young age of two, only to be exposed to the conflictual environment of their two children, her Aunt Terri and Uncle Jimmy. At the tender age of five, Mary witnessed the near murder of her Aunt Terri during an attempted carjacking. Terri was shot in the head at point blank range. Although she lived, her Aunts life would never be the same.

As Mary entered her teens her family tree started to burn. First her mother died of a gran mal seizure; then her aunt died in her sleep from an apparent heroin overdose, a drug Mary's mother introduced her to after her accident. Soon after, her Uncle Jimmy was beaten to death in prison by guards. The final blow came when her grandfather, who was Mary's rock in her chaotic world, finally succumbed to lung cancer. That's when everything went dark for me recalls Mary. She began abusing drugs heavily and became an atheist. Her world had crumbled around her and she dove right in.

As her addictions increased, Mary found solace in one thing,: her music. Music kept me grounded, says Mary about her love for the art. Music gave her the ability to express these inner demons and kept her out of harm's way on the Hollywood streets. Then came a chance meeting with uber-DJ and producer Gzus H. At this time, as DJ Ray, he was a catalyst in sparking the career of Compton gangsta rapper "The Game" and was DJ to stars such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Tom Hanks, and Jaime Foxx. The two immediately formed a musical bond. At the time they both suffered from heavy addictions but they made a pact to get clean for the music.

After several months, and many agonizing nights, they both kicked their habits and came out with a handful of classic material and recruited hot shot guitarist Jizm through a mutual friend. The pieces aligned immediately and the band started writing together. They quickly recorded the songs Rehab and Rage over a weekend just to hear what they sounded like. They then posted the songs on their Myspace and were immediately bombarded with fans attracted to their sound and image. Within two years their Myspace drew over 265,000 friends and 28 million plays. They have sold over 20,000 CD's and garnered over 200,000 downloads with no help from a label or distributor.


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