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"Raw at the Knot (CD Review)"

Reviewed by Zab.

Yahoo! I now have my very own
monkeyfier! And not only that, it's portable too! Used to be
that I'd have to wait until the Mary McPage band was playing
in my neighborhood to go see them. I had to be within
walking distance, because I'd have had so much fun when it
was over that I wouldn't be in any condition to drive home!
What? You've never been monkeyfied? Poor thing, well at
least now there's a cure - just buy the new CD titled Raw at
the Knot which was recorded live at the Diamond Knot
Brewery in Mukilteo. It does a great job catching all the
monkey-business that the band concocts during their
performances. This group sparkles with monkey-shines!
Unlike many live recordings in bars, it has an excellent sound
to it. The 13 tunes recorded here are ones that the band has
played for awhile and has put a good shine on them - nice
and tight, with a looseness that comes from having played
together for a good while. This selection of tunes runs the
gamut of instrumentals, ballads, originals and covers, with a
good dose of funk and a little soul sprinkled about.
All the band members get a chance to strut their stuff. There
are lots of solo performances here. We have: Mark Bittler on
keys and vocals, Billy [Monkey Boy] Page on drums, Jevon
Powell on guitar and vocals, and Peter Gutman playing bass
and vocals. The group is definitely a democratic bunch. They
all seem to participate at the same high level and take turns
stepping out front.
Then there's Ms. Mary McPage herself - I have to search my
suddenly wretched, inadequate vocabulary to attempt to
describe her performance...but that's just it! It's a performance
that's not only based on her sultry vocal ability, but her
entire stage presence. She's funny, naughty, playful, and just
has such fun with the audience that she draws you into her
whoopee attitude, and there you are having so much fun,
dancing, drinking, talking, flirting, whatever, that you hurt the
next day. Such sweet pain!
Now with their new CD, you can hurt yourself at home. Get
Monkeyfied NOW!
- Bluesletter Washington Blues Society (Monthly)

"Buffalo Blues Invitational"

Tuesday July 12, Blues Jam

The featured guest star at the last Buffalo Blues Invitational was Washington blues singer Mary McPage. Fans of the monthly blues jam have had several opportunities to hear McPages soulful vocals when she traveled north over the past few months to participate in the show, sitting in with local blues musicians. Folks here were quite impressed with her blues singing, but were astounded when given the opportunity July 12 to catch The Mary McPage Band. With her own band backing her up, the Wild buffalo audience finally got the opportunity to hear McPages savvy original material, tight and innovative arrangements and fully appreciate her impressive stage presence.

A semi circle of invited blues musicians watched the Mary McPage Band with rapt attention, the only break in focus being the occasional smiles, raised eyebrows and approving nods to one another. As one drummer there described it, "We've all been spanked. Anybody here who thought they were in a great blues band yesterday is gonna wake up tomorrow knowing they got some work to do!" The musicians weren't the only ones blown away by the polished, relaxed show, blues fans loved it too.

The praise didn’t stop with McPage, but was evenly distributed over her band. The Buffalo crowd has heard funky and clean drummer Bill Page (when he came north to jam at the Buffalo Blues Invitational a few monthes ago.) But this was our first chance to hear Jevin on guitar (what a monster!) and Brett, a bass players bass player. - Blues Lamp


On The Surface - OZMOSiS
In Dog Years - Blue Hoo
Leaving Oz - Mary McPage
Raw @ The Knot - Mary McPage Band (LIVE)
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Mary McPage is one of the finest female Blues Singers in the Pacific Northwest. She will blow you away! When Mary opens her mouth to sing, people do a double take. "I had to see where that voice was coming from and I still can't believe it's coming out of you!" Influenced by country, rock and torch, McPage knows how to sell a song. Be it a standard or one of her original compositions this sassy singer creates performances that range from inane to intense.

The band is smokin’, but it’s McPage who lights the fire. With her raw, emotionally charged vocals, she works the crowd into a frenzy. She let’s ‘em know they are alive and that life is good! Mary takes it from kitten to volcano and back again. She delivers the tasty tunes that audiences have come to expect from her.

In 1994, Mary sang with the original-alternative band OZMOSiS. The ROCKET Magazine called the band "choice" and stated, "Anyone who loves to hear a good, strong female singer must hear McPage."

In 1995, Mary found the blues, or maybe the blues found her. A blues singer was born. McPage says, "I never want to sing any other type of music."

In 1999, Mary released an acoustic blues CD – In Dog Years, with the group BLUE HOO. The CD landed her an invitation to appear on the WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour, nationally and internationally (P.R.I.) syndicated program. Taped live and broadcast out of Lexington, KY, her humor and original songs were a hit with the live audience. ("You don't have to be famous to appear on WoodSongs, you have to be good").

Check out The Mary McPage Band. Mary and the Brothers fire it up and keep it going all night long. The best thing about this band is their incredible energy. They connect and get their audiences dancing and singing along, early on and don’t let up until they are good & ready!

The Mary McPage band is a stripped down high energy, three-piece combo that delivers Blues, old skool style R&B, and a dash of funk and good old rock-n-roll. The band is so tight they play like Siamese triplets. These musician’s groove deep into the pocket. They find the soulful dynamics that make lovers whisper and rub.

You’ll be humming and dancing, because this band knows how to entertain. You aren’t just checking out another local blues band … the Mary McPage Band puts on a show!

So Come On Out And Get A Big Heaping Helping Of Fun ... Heck, Get Pie-eyed, And Monkeyfide!

No Better Way To Spend Your time Than With Mary McPage.