A true eclectic global woman. Interested in promoting love and positivism......folk, dance, classical, dreamy, fun. From Russia, living in Amsterdam for awhile. 2 cds out in Europe. Please listen and look....


Marynka was born in Moscow and raised as a real “pioneer”. In Moscow she studied composition and performance and learned a great deal at the Theater Academy and the Conservatory. Marynka sings, plays the piano, keyboards, Celtic harp, accordion and harmonica. She composes and arranges most of her music herself.
Marynka moved to Amsterdam in 1989. She studied at the Kleinkunst (acting and cabaret) Academy in Amsterdam and at the Conservatory of Music in Utrecht.

Marynka’s music is a mix of many musical styles, including: folk, pop, jazz, classical music, dance, traditional Russian music and cabaret.
Marynka’s debut albut ‘Privet’ was released in 2004 in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, England and France. In 2006 she released another album: ‘2 much is not enough’. Both albums were made together with the drummer Rob Kloet from the Dutch band ‘de Nits’ ( and the producer Mike Stewart ( The Russian producer DJ Goldfinger (Maxim Shaposhnikov) also worked on ‘2 much is not enough’.
The members of Marynka’s band are DJ Goldfinger, the cellist Leonie Stevens and the multi-instrumentalist Fay Lovsky. Regular guest performers include: trumpetist Saskia Laroo, drummer Jeroen Blankert and the violinist Monica Germino.

Last few years Marynka performed at different places all around the world. She played at the Film Festival ‘Spirit of Fire’ in Siberia, at the Salisbury International Arts Festival in England and performed many times in the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, the United States and Canada.

Here you can find live registration of my latest gig in Paradiso on festival "Women in Paradise":


Sweetest Love

Written By: Marynka Nicolai

I can feel the waves swimming trough my body
When I think about you
I can reach the sky when your eyes
Looking into mine
No words only silence

You are the sweetest love of my life
The sweetest love of my life
You are the love of my life
The sweetest love of my life

You become a sun when my smile
Reach your heart
You can hear the birds singing high
Songs of love
No words - only music

You my favorite thing, I can tell,
I know why
The secret of the way we are
Is in our eyes and kisses
No words - just caresses


The 4th refrain is in Russian:

Ты моя сладчайшая любовь
Сладчайшая любовь
Ты моя любовь
Сладчайшая любовь

Ride to Paradise

Written By: Marynka Nicolai

One day we will remember how good it was
The veil between now and the past will be lost
There will be no different between days and nights
And the time will stop

One day becomes a year, one year eternity
The queens of the ancients will return
On the wings of the angels
Spread in the wind
Blowing away the veil and the time

Give me the ride to Paradise,
Make me feel heavenly,
Let’s celebrate our love,
Let’s do it, let’s do it, let’s do it…..

One day is long enough to change the world around
The apple from her hand will fall on the ground
On the ship made of roses the captain will come
And the time............

Refrain 2X


"2 Much is Not Enough" CD 2006 Europe
"Aviator" remake DJ Golfinger on compilation CD "pop 2007,
"Privet" CD 2004 Europe
"Lucky" single on compilation Demontage CD 2004 Netherlands
"Lucky" remix with DJ Goldfinger single on compilation CD 2005 Russia
"2 much is not enough" single on compilation CD 2006 Russia

Set List

I have more than 25 original songs in my repertoire. I am very flexibel and can play from 1 song to full night set, 3 x 45 minutes.