Mary Ocher

Mary Ocher


Born in Moscow, raised in Tel Aviv, based in Berlin.
Ocher is certainly one of the most unsettling, raw live acts you'll ever see.
The recent album, Eden was produced by the Canadian Rock&Roll guru King Khan and released on Hamburg's Buback, along with an experimental bunch of 10 new promo videos.


Often described in the press as a big framed, big haired monster, with references to mighty drag queens and tiny weary nerds. Ocher is neither.
A self-resigned high school drop out, member of an art movement, film maker, and a well known character of the European underground.
Hopping from project to project, and from one collaboration to another, performing quite often at art festivals, queer parties, galleries and multimedia events.
Uncategorizible, cross-genre, and direly unique, Ocher's created a universe entirely of her own - one that the misfits run and everyone that knows the feeling is most welcome to join.


- War songs (2011, Haute Areal)
"On the streets of hard labor"
"The sounds of war"

- 7" untitled EP, 2011 (Haute Areal)

- EDEN (2013, Buback/Haute Areal)
"Baby Indiana"
"The android sea"

- I, human (October 2013. EP/single)