Mary Page

Mary Page

 New York City, New York, USA

Mary Page is a sultry Montreal songwriter who recently moved to NYC and released her debut EP, "All Before the Head of State," last June . Her band includes musicians Turner Stough & drummer Tim McCoy. Together, the trio writes sad pop songs about happy things and happy pop songs about sad things.


Not too long ago, Montreal songwriter Mary Page settled in Brooklyn, NY, where she found collaborators and companions in bass player Turner Stough (Low Water, Bel Air) and drummer Tim McCoy (Savoir Adore, Rarechild). Together the trio recently completed work on their debut EP All Before The Head of State. A compelling, documentation of her journey – Montreal, New York, whatever lies in the future – the three song set is a perfect introduction to Mary and her band mates. Opener “Fever” is an exorbitant batch of guitar acrobatics, twisting and turning like fighter pilots around Mary’s sly vocal delivery. “Rooftop Dissent” is a sneaky mood piece…one which lies in wait for the “bomb to go off”. It does. “Franz & Wine” concludes the tidy set on a high note. A shameless dose of grungy, electric fuzz, the track is a delirious swirl of melody, mood, texture, and emotion. All Before The Head of State is available for free download on the band’s bandcamp page . The trio is set to tour the East coast of the United States and Canada in the beginning of 2012.


Basic Tracks for Lovers - 2009
All Before the Head of State - 2011