Mary Point

Mary Point


Mary Point’s music is influenced by her Irish & Native roots. Her album & children’s book "The Wild Woman of the Woods" is about a mythical creature many cultures used to keep their kids in camp. In this series, Zonoqua, a young Native woman, is banished by her tribe because she loved an outsider.


The combination of Irish and Native sounds, make for a unique world music contribution.


Lies for Zonoqua

Written By: Mary Point

Lies for Zonoqua

She believed him when he said
She was
Lovely (she was)

She believed him when
He said those words
She did (each word)

She believed him...
And she loved him...
He was kind...
That smile... his touch...

She believed him and
She said she would.
Be his (she was)

She believed him and
She made a home.
He stayed (a while)

She believed him...
Made a family...
He accepted - with a catch...

She believed him and
She gave her heart.
He stole (her heart)

She believed him when
He said he'd stay
With her (he lied).

She believed him...
How she wanted him..
How she loved him...
But... he left

She believed him and
She loved him................................
He lied (he’s gone... away...)


"Lies for Zonoqua," Track 1 of "The Wild Woman of the Woods," was recently selected by Banana Peel Radio (web radio) for their world music playlist.