Mary Redente Trio

Mary Redente Trio


We do more then just play music. We inspire and uplift listeners and encourage joy, peace and love. Our music is rooted in the soul and branches out to a wide audience. It leaves no emotion untouched and keeps you wanting more.


The music is drawn to me. I was drawn to Charles, and then Terry was drawn to both of us. It's so basic yet goes so deep. The depth, the urgency, the longing, the release is what our music is all about. I began writing music because there were songs that just needed to be written and I just happened to have a pen and a guitar. Charles was born for this. His gift is unbelievable and it continues to amaze me each time we play! And Terry is the perfect compliment (or should I say condiment) spicing up what we both do. Our collective experience is vast and impressive, spanning many decades and lifetimes.

I started writing music because I became tired of hearing the same messages. Why not speak a little deeper and impart some wisdom, if you've got some to share! For me, that is what my music is all about. There is so much more to life than melodrama! I vowed when I first began to write songs to pick any topic other than love. Yes, I know it can be the greatest thing and one of the strongest forces on this planet. But were facing a crisis and there are much more important things that need to be addressed. What we send out into to the world, whether its in thought, in song, or in action, can have an impact beyond comprehension. I just hope I can do that in a way that will benefit humanity, brighten someones day, shine a light where there's darkness, and then give something back.

Our musical style is an eclectic, one of a kind mix of blues, pop & indie-folk rock, peppered by sultry jazzy vocals. It's a scintillating, synergistic fusion of spirit not to be missed!


Happiness in Action

Written By: Mary Redente

I got something to say but no one to listen to these things on my mind except maybe you. It's a personal broadcast on my inner radio, no adds or glitzy gimmicks, just this straight to you show.

Take the energy in this time and place and believe in you potential and keep a smile on your face. Find deep joy then give some back cause the world needs it now, we're craving happiness in action.

Will someone please start the good news channel? The crime reports have gotten old and I'm tired of hearing them rattle 'bout whose at fault and the presidential battle. I want to hear who's spreading love and who's giving back.


The moments have gone by and lead us this far, there's a reason for being just who you are. Waiting inside a unique quality that only you can obtain and you can achieve. A rainbow wouldn't be without so many hues, just like the world would be dull without each of you.

I got something to say but no one to listen to these things on my mind except maybe you.


'Breakaway' - Debut Album. 2008 Release

Set List

We typically play from 1 to 3 sets of almost all original music. There are only a few cover songs, which are pop versions of lesser known jazz standards. Each set has eight to twelve songs. Our sets are a dynamic mix from rockin' numbers to ballad-esque pieces, all with great hooks and throbbing instrumental breaks. We can vary our set list based on a crowd or venue.