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Mary Sarah

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Mystical and emotional. Filled with lush vocals and dancing rhythms, Mary Sarah fuses eclectic world rhythms, ambient textures and evocative melodies to explore the inner and outer landscapes of sound and soul.


Featured Artist
by Bill Swayze, The Star Ledger

For world beat artist Mary Sarah, the journey's destination is a sanctuary far away from anxiety and alienation. Funereal clouds of indifference and insensitivity part as a musical mosaic of cultural influences, ambience and voice _ both angelic and haunting _ create what singer Mary Sarah calls "space for peace."

"You are pulled inside to a more centered place and contact your own sense of safety, compassion and empathy," the 36-year-old Morristown, N.J. composer says.

That was the goal of her fifth creation, O, a five-track release with Mary Sarah on piano and Danys Leavasseur on sitar, guitoud, darbouka and guitar, as well as the promise of her newest work, Oh We, which brings back Levasseur and introduces percussionist Eric Seftel.

The sounds and rhythms are culled from Gothic, Indian, African, Celtic, Native American and Eastern European influences while leader Mary Sarah cites Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, Kate Bush, This Mortal Coil, and Dead Can Dance as musical kinsfolk.

There also is an element of melismatic singing _ language invented within the music with words meaning more than she can sing in English.

Mary Sarah, who began singing at the age of 11, embarked on her solo career in 1992, when she parlayed away from theater and dance to devote all of her artistic energy to music.

Two years later, she released Blade of Love on her own Blade Productions label. Her gothic, operatic sound continued on the follow-up, Night Vision, an eight-track, 1996 release on the same label.

Her musical style metamorphosed that same year, however, when she worked with Producer George Small, a keyboardist whose resume includes work with John Lennon. The result was Tenderness. Ambient textures and a strong emphasis on lyrical content replaced Gothic elements.

Mary Sarah sees that early work as prerequisites of her current sound found on the 1997 release Sea Fire Burn, the 1998 release O, and her upcoming release, Oh We. Under the production of Levasseur, who she befriended while performing in Montreal, and in collaboration with Eric Seftel, an inspired ambient percussionist, she continues to delve deeply into landscapes of sound and voice.

Lyrically, Mary Sarah imbues her songs with themes that bring the listener towards a high level of social and natural consciousness. She provides us with a unique musical style that weaves and touches as it goes. Recognized internationally for her ability to bring political themes to light, Mary Sarah was asked to perform live at The United Nations Diplomatic Conference for Conflict Resolution in 1997 and for The Royalty of Sweden during their American tour.

Live, the music has mesmerized audiences in New York, at the Dark Star Lounge, Spy Bar, Gallery 313, Arlene Grocery and the Triad Theater, to name a few. Canadian excursions include Montreal's Le Lion d'Or, La Butte St. Jacques, and Le Sergeant Recruteur. Regular New Jersey venues include, Myhelan Cultural Arts Center, Van Gogh's Ear, The Lemon Lounge, The Uncommon Grounds/Eclectic Tea Room, Zabbazu, and The Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey.

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Blade of Love, EP 1994
Night Vision, CD 1996
Tenderness, EP 1997
Sea Fire Burn, CD 1997
O, EP 1998-1999
Oh, We, CD 2001-2002 (in production)

Featured artist Radio Montreal,
WBAI, WBGO, WRGB New York City as well as numerous college radio stations throughout the Northeast and the Midwest

Set List

Trying to Find You
Oh, We
Kia Mu Ficae
O Note of O
Mirrors in the Sun
Sea Fire Burn
Taking it to the Wind

Sets are 1-1 1/2 hours in length. We do two sets a show