Maryse Letarte

Maryse Letarte


Singer-songwriter-producer Maryse Letarte took everyone in Quebec by surprise with her 10 new Christmas songs in november 2008! After topping the selling charts during the last holiday Season she is now preparing a new album.


A graduate of the renowned Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, Quebec-born singer-songwriter Maryse Letarte started to learn piano with her maternal grandmother at age 3. It is with «Des pas dans la neige» (Footsteps in the Snow) - an album entirely composed of original Christmas songs - that the singer-songwriter-producer is discovered from a large audience at the end of year 2008. Her two previous albums, «En dedans» (Inside) (2001) and «Le motif» (The Reason) (2004), offer lovely introspective songs. In 1993, Maryse Letarte made a first foray into Quebec musical landscape as a character named Rita-Rita.


With her haunting voice and the unusual light she poses to the world Maryse Letarte signs a modern pop both moving and original. The young woman has opened the door to a universe in subtleties and emotions. She now returns to the production of a new album she had started before "Des pas dans la neige." During 2008, both projects had, at some point, lived together in the singer-songwriter-producer's studio for several months. Eagerly awaited this new album should be released in february 2010.


Boom boom

Written By: Maryse Letarte

Love is free and love’s infini
So don’t count, don’t hold down, don’t be mean
Give me a kiss under the gui
Drum beats : boom, boom!

Christmas time hits hard the city
But don’t rush like them, don’t you worry
Just French kiss me under the gui
Mon coeur beats : boom, boom boom!

Merry little Christmas!
Merry little Christmas!

Pa, pa, pa, pah...

L’enfant qui dort under the tree
Smiles while he dreams all is glory
Hold me in your arms mon chéri baby
Boom, boom

C’est la fin d’une année bénie
So let’s be grateful. Cheers! mes amis
Give me your heart under the gui
Drum beats : boom boom boom!

Merry little Christmas!
Merry little Christmas!

Pa, pa, pa, pah...

Merry little Christmas!
Merry little Christmas!


2008 - Des pas dans la neige
2006 - Un jour ordinaire (remix)
2004 - Le motif
2001 - En dedans

Set List

2 sets of 45 minutes each.
Presently doing songs of «Des pas dans la neige» album and the forthcoming one (to be released in february 2010).