Mary's Gunns

Mary's Gunns


An honest and exciting kind of Rock N' Roll with accents of the raw style of the 70's, the loud and proud style of the 80's and sense of progression you might hear today. Keeping Southern roots like Lynyrd Skynyrd and big loud vocals like Aerosmith and Guns N' Roses. Catchy riffs beats and melodies


Influences are mostly: AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Band, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, and many more.
It seems that nowadays you don't see those raw rock bands that play that kind of rock n roll that the heavy weights used to play. Gigging around Vancouver and the lower mainland revealed to us that we were pretty unique when compared to the common musicians you meet downtown. We may be a little more tunnel visioned than other bands out there, but we find if you wanna play strong committed music you have to commit. Don't write what others just want to hear, do what you want and show everyone else why it kicks ass. We've all been together for about 5-6 years and thats been our style. We're sticking to it


forget about you

Written By: mary's gunns

i don't know how i got here
or what else im gonna get
aint found no rhyme or reason
no realizations yet
well you do yourself some good
and you do it like you should
yeah play the game right
well i don't play along i sing a different song
you can forget about your life and just feel good inside
well everywhere i go and everyone i see is a judje
they're linin' me up and eyeing me down and such
i aint no prize but i see with my eyes people are hurtin'
and its hard to find your way when they're yellin in your face
tellin ya man that your life must be some kinda waste

you choose your path
and you do what you do
cause life is hard and time wont stop just for you
you loose your mind and bi loose mine too
them guys say "hey man whats it ya do?"
i say "i help people forget about you"


Aside from numerous Ep's we've put out in the past years, our last cd, which is a full length masterd album called "Smugglers Cabaret", is our proudest recording moment. You can hear it on our website,, and will soon be available for download on itunes and other sources. No radio play yet, but heres hopin

Set List

Sometimes we'll play an hour, sometimes we'll play an entire night. Anywhere from 8- 30 songs in a night. We have about 13 orginals that we use regularily, and well throw in covers from AC/DC Aerosmith, the Stones, ZZ Top, Alice Cooper and so on. Come see us play to get the real feel of the set