Mary's Little Sister

Mary's Little Sister


"We perform with an energy that takes you to another world. The lead singer has a strong soulful quality that turns heads in the audience. Our sound is dynamic and intelligent, blues blended with rock and a hard flare. Once we start playing, people never want us to stop."


"We are an all-girl band full of talent. Friends ever before we started MLS, we lived together in Savannah, GA, in the low country of the south. We commemorated our love for the low country boil (seafood) in an original blues song entitled “Frogmore Stew”. You will hear vocal influences of Bonnie Raitt, guitar influences of B.B. King, and writing influences of Jethro Tull. The funky beats and hard hitting vocals will leave you stunned, the lyrics will leave you inspired."


"We recorded an album, Hang Tough, in February. We submitted it to NPR as part of the RPM Challenge. It should on the website by the end of March: We have 4 songs playing on our myspace page:"

Set List

"We play 3 to 4 sets, 10 songs/45 minutes each. A typical set example: Wild nights, Statesboro Blues, 1st Cut, Good Morning Blues, Mary Jane’s Last Dance, All I want to Do, F.O.T, Papa Come Quick, Fever, Frogmore Stew, Leroy Brown"