Mary Sparks

Mary Sparks

BandWorldNew Age

My music is mostly improvisational. It reflects a lifetime of various musical influences and is often described as relaxing, meditative, inspired and appealing to all age levels and social backgrounds. I would describe it loosely as world, new-age, classical folk music.


I'm currently a solo act. My aim is to put together an interesting mix of hammered dulcimer, Native American flute, cello, guitar, bass and hand drums/percussion. For right now, though, my solo music is very improvisational. There seems to always be a palpable energy exchange between me and my listeners when I perform. Music has been a big part of my life. I started on the piano, switched to drums right away, spent a little time with a violin, stayed with drums through numerous cover/original bands, found my truest voice with the hammered dulcimer. It allows the best expression of my inner musical muse and will undoubtedly remain my preferred instrument.


My CD, "Snapshots of the Muse", is available online at and at a few local stores. Airplay and streaming will hopefully be coming soon.

Set List

At the moment, I am comfortable with a set(s) of two hours or so. Song titles include...Reflections, Ascending Hearts, Mysteria, An Old Woman's Tale, Echoes, Night of the Dancing Trees, Arrival, Flight of Enchantment, Rain, Calling the Tribe. Since much of my material is improvisation there are often no titles. I do not do any cover material at the present time, though I have considered learning some familiar dulcimer tunes for those who may ask for them.