Mary Stell

Mary Stell


A Soulful Sound


Throughout my life, music has been escape for me. I sing when I'm happy and I sing when I'm always bring me joy!!! I began singing in my families own church at around 6 years old. I sang all of my school years in choirs and ensembles at school and church. After breaking off my first real relationship I began to write music. This helped me to get through what I thought was the end. Even though I had sang all of my life and loved it more than anything else, I still never pursued my interest pertaining to performing and recording. Then one day while attending a show that a friend was doing I entered a karaoke contest. That's when I realized that performing is what I wanted to do. Since then I have recorded 3 songs and written several more. I have performed at numerous weddings, parties, luncheons, concerts, open mics or wherever else the door has been open for me. I want those who listen to my music to feel it as much as I do when I sing. Then I know that the same song that touched me, touched them.


They Come They Go

Written By: Mary Stell

They Come They Go
I sit here I think about all the things we've been through
I realize that love is so real but Baby I am to
See you told me you love me
You tole me you need me but you threw it all away
This is no time for playin
Please hear what I'm sayin
There'll be a brighter day

Cuz jsut as easy as they come they go
And as steady as the sun I can move on
My heart will love again don't get it wrong
You can't keep down the strong

Verse 2
No more tears are left to cry It's clear to me that you will never change
You can't deny I did wholeheartedly
try but all you left me with is pain
See God knows I really love you but I won't let you crush me so I'll just be on my way
Sometimes enough is enough
There's nothing left to discuss
There'll be a brighter day


See there ain't no need for you to step to me with no Baby I want you back
I'm so far past that You'd best believe that
I'm not tryin to be with you a again
Imagining my life without you is all that I can see
No more thinking bout you and the pain we went through
It's time to concentrate on me


Set List

My set has 3 songs: My Own, They Come They Go, Fantasizin' and last about 15 Minutes.
My typical repertoire includes songs such as: Sweet Love- Anita Baker, Saving All My Love for you-Whitney Houston, Natural Woman-Aretha Franklin, If it ain't you- Alicia Keys, Love Takes time- Mariah Carey and other soulful classics.