Mary Sue Twohy

Mary Sue Twohy


Shimmering, heartwarming music that straddles the line between traditional and contemporary folk. "As far as the Goose-Bump meter goes, Mary Sue Twohy is up there with Nanci Griffith, Sarah McLachlan, Iris Dement." -Dave Richards, The Morning News


Mary Sue Twohy's smooth vocals dancing above subtle, expressive guitar garnered her 2004 Best Contemporary Folk Vocalist WAMMIE Award, 2004 Honorable Mention in the Bilboard Annual World Songwriting Contest, 2001, 2000 nominations for Contemporary Female Folk vocalist, Contemporary Folk Recording, and Song of the Year and 1999 Best New Artist Award from the Washington Area Music Association.

Azalea City Recordings, Carroll Street presents The Risk Involved, Mary Sue's second recording effort, produced by Pete and Maura Kennedy. Training Butterflies, Mary Sue's debut, was produced by Pete Kennedy. Both CDs have gone to second pressing.

"The Risk Involved is stunningly gorgeous, [Mary Sue Twohy's] music is quietly hypnotic."
says Christine Lavin, singer, songwriter based in New York City.

Mary Sue has shared the stage with John Gorka, Eliza Gilkyson, Magpie, Tom Prasada-Rao, Ellis Paul, David Massengill, Amy Fradon, Kate McDonnell, Michael Jehrling, Silk City, Eddie from Ohio, Lisa McCormick, Vyktoria Pratt Keating, Hot
Soup!, The Kennedys, Ruthie and the Wranglers, Terri Allard, and Darryl Purpose.

Mary Sue was featured on “Metro Connection” on WAMU and also was interviewed live on “The Village” XM Satellite Radio in 2003. Mary Sue has run a monthly open mic, has hosted packed house concerts, and for years assisted the Takoma Park Folk Festival as stage manager and Program Committee member. Mary Sue has stage managed at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Flat Rock Music Festival and Country Roads Folk Festival as well. Mary Sue has served as a song contest judge for the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest sponsored
by the Songwriters Association of Washington. She also presents workshops at festivals and conferences called, “Making your Dreams at Night
become a Reality by Day: Music Promotion Workshop.” She currently is a national music publicist for her own company, BTM Communications.


Songs to Hang on Stars

Written By: Mary Sue Twohy

We are living on a star
Shining hope for someone far
Touch the earth and know
Somewhere out there we all glow

I am hanging songs on stars today
Each chosen like a fiancée
A bright celestial bouquet

I am driving in my car
Sky and stars seem so far
All I can feel is my steering wheel
I fold and finally kneel

Cry, is it all just too late
Cry, never ending figure eight

I am hanging songs on stars today
Each chosen like a fiancée
A bright celestial bouquet

We are living on a star
Shining hope for someone far
Touch the earth and know
Somewhere out there we all glow.


Written By: Mary Sue Twohy

By Mary Sue Twohy

Behold bluebells when
sunset spills her hair
And the mist of river rises
Put down your guns of day
Long enough to say

Keep it close
Keep it in your pocket
Everybody knows
it’s the last thing to go

As you drive your car
in traffic snares
Slower than your will to change
Stop the wheels of your mind
And find one thing you hold
Closer than god or gold


Is it pride? Is it freedom?
Is it the sigh of resignation?
Just when you think it over
Bluebells start ringing converted
Your song of freedom
Your song of hope

Whole New View

Written By: Mary Sue Twohy

Love is an angel with
a thousand wings
Love is a sea of warm winter coats
Chasing away your darkest need
Love is a tree that makes
your sad heart sing

Love can’t live without
hope and her feathers
But she keeps you alive
in dark and violent weather
She is the constant rope,
saves you e’ver’yday
And when you cannot cope,
she’s brave enough to stay

Somehow I always knew
Even when I refused to see you
Take my hand, Take my heart
Look out together on this
whole new view

Love is renewed in
the middle of the night
When we’re asleep
on three billion dreams’ height
Love is second chances
stitched around fear
With thread that glows
deep with your golden tears

Look into my eyes and see
my vast and diamond infinity
I look into your eyes and I see
the landscape of possibility


Lace Heart

Written By: Mary Sue Twohy

A Lace heart charms from the start
With delicate turn of the thread
Hides the dust and the crayon art
And the red table’s
chipped back end

But a Lace Heart can’t
weather a mighty storm
Save a life, or stay by your
weak side very long
Because it tears, and it breaks,
and it doesn’t seem very fair
At all

Light comes through so easily
Throws patterns round the room
Softly catches a sleepy breeze
And then settles down, we assume


But I need more than lace
for this part
To carry the mud and
annual flash flood
A heart that knows
navigational charts
Yes I need heart
of flesh and blood


Training Butterflies - MSTunes (1998)
The Risk Involved - Azalea City Recordings (2001)
Two Ghost Songs - MSTunes (2003)
All CDs have received airplay on folk radio in the USA and beyond.

Set List

The Ghost of Matt McCann- Mary Sue Twohy/ Daniel Greenberg
Missionary Ridge - Mary Sue Twohy/ Daniel Greenberg
Where Does the Love go? - Mary Sue Twohy
The Risk Invloved - Mary Sue Twohy/Franklin Taggart
The Gift of the Magi - Mary Sue Twohy/Darryl Purpose
Autumn Night - Mark Giessler
Northern Sky- Nick Drake
How will I ever be Simple Again? - Richard Thompson
Four Dollar Frame - Kevin Briody
The Gambler - Dan Fogelberg
More Than Whisper - Nanci Griffith
It's A Hard Life - Nanci Griffith
Road to Aberdeen - Nanci Griffith
Trouble in these Fields - Nanci Griffith
Anachie Gordon - trad
Mo Ghile Mear - trad
Sweet Mercy - Mary Sue Twohy
Let it Be - Paul McCartney and John Lennon
I will - Paul McCartney and John Lennon
Landslide - Fleetwood Mac
Can't But a New Heart - Mary Sue Twohy
Rain on me - Mary Sue Twohy