Mary Witt

Mary Witt


Mary Witt's CD, "Dance With Me"is sultry, soulful, and sassy. The music spans from swing and jazz to rhythm & blues and soul, including “The Very Thought Of You”, “Almost Like Being in Love”, and "Teardrops From My Eyes". "Dance With Me" is sure to become a classic.


The O-Tones is a hot swing and rhythm & blues band from Western Massachusetts. With three singers as the core of the band, The O-Tones will melt your hearts with their powerful three-part harmonies. Whether they're singing their rendition of a 1940's swing tune, or belting out a more contemporary R&B number, Ann Percival, Zack Danziger, and Mary Witt make each song they sing a hit. In addition to blending their tones as harmony singers, they are each extremely compelling solo singers. From sentimental ballads to upbeat soul and blues, they will charm you and make you want to jump and jive on the dance floor. Ann, Mary, and Zack also form part of the driving rhythm section of The O-Tones, lending their talents on rhythm guitar, bass, and lead guitar respectively. Walt Chapman, king of Boogie Woogie piano style and organ riffs, rocks the group along. Along with Pieter Struyk on the drums, the pulse of this band is fiery for dancing or listening.
The horn section of The O-Tones adds pizazz to their mixed repertoire. On the classic soul numbers like Mustang Sally, audiences jump to their feet once they feel the horns jump start the tune. Ike Turner's Fool in Love lends itself well to the drive of the winds and brass. Having the horn harmonies add their flavor to the old favorites Makin' Whoopie and Almost Like Being in Love reminds us all of the big band era from days gone by. Kerry Blount's tenor sax playing adds heat to The O-Tones varied selection of music.

Reporter Christopher Boucher of the Greenfield, MA Recorder says... "This music's so fresh, it almost defies description. Almost. One could, perhaps, call it a revue heritage or a celebration of bebop, pop, and swing. Maybe just a very sharp, very danceable CD from band members who know good music when they hear it. In the midst of all these styles, one thing remains constant. The music always has backbone—a strong percussion part, a solid rhythm section, and a beat good enough to dance to. I expect there'll be a lot of swinging and swaying going on..."
"This music may celebrate the tunes of yesterday, but with its assertiveness and modest, skillful approach, it's definitely music for today—and hopefully for tomorrow, too."


Come Dance With Me

Written By: Sammy Cahn/Jimmy Van Heusen

Hey there cutes put on your dancing boots and come dance with me
Come dance with me, what an evening for some terpsichord.
Pretty face, I know a swinging place and come dance with me.
Romance with me on a crowded floor.
And when the music swings, what beautiful things we’ll be saying. For what is dancing except making love set to music playing.
When the band begins to leave the stand and folks start to roam.
As we go home cheek to cheek we’ll be. Come on, come on, come on, won’t you dance with me?

Fine Brown Frame

Written By: Geadalope Cartiero/J. Mayo Williams

You’ve got a fine brown frame
And I wonder what could be your name
You look good to me, cuz all I can see
Is your fine brown frame

Tell me how long have you been around
Mister, when did you hit this big town
I wanna scream cuz I’ve never seen
Such a fine brown frame

Now all that I have is a broken down chair
But I would gladly make you king on my throne
Don’t be a square, why don’t you come over here
Cuz together we could really be gone and gone

You’ve got a fine brown frame
Oh baby, won’t you tell me your name
You are solid with me, cuz all I can see
Is your fine brown frame

Now listen, Hudson, Sinatra, Denzel and Gable,
They're all fine as mink and sable
You may not be class with the elite, baby
And you may not be hip to that jive, like they talk in the street

Oh baby oh
You look like Hercules done up in bronze
And I know I’m a clown, whenever you’re around
Because I’m crazy ‘bout, I’m mad about, I’m nuts about,
Wild about your fine brown frame

Almost Like Being in Love

Written By: Alan Jay Lerner/Frederick Loewe

What a day this has been
What a rare mood I’m in
Why it’s almost like being in love
Got a smile on my face
For the whole human race
Well it’s almost like being in love
All the music of life seems to be
Like a bell that is ringing for me

And from the way that I feel
When that bell starts to peel
I could swear I falling
I could swear that I am falling
Why, it's almost like being in love


"Dance With Me" - Mary Witt
"Ain't That a Kick" - The O-Tones
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Set List

Let’s get away from it all
Chain of Fools
My baby just cares for me
No, no,no
You took advantage of me
Knock me a Kiss
Route 66
Don’t blame me
Teardrops from my eyes
Midnight Hour
5 Months, 2 weeks, 2 days
Knock on wood
Spring cleaning
Well alright
Beyond the sea
Exactly like you
Can I get a witness?
Old cape cod
Cryin out loud
Boogie in the barnyard
I love being here with you
Almost like being in love
Hallelujah, i just love him so
Come dance with me
Fool in love
World on a string
The way you do the things you do
Squeeze me
Ain’t that a kick
Cheek to cheek
Making whoopie

Typical is three 50-minute sets, but we can do more