Mary Z. Cox has introduced the art of pre-Scruggs style banjo to an entire generation. Through her workshops and classes she has unleashed a vibrant community of old-time banjo and dulcimer players on a musical world that had all but forgotten the beauty of clawhammer style banjo.(Old Blue Bus)


Mary Z. Cox, a banjoholic with 17 banjos, has been playing since she was 12, and is a two time Florida champion. She has won old time music competitions on banjo, dulcimer, and string band in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee and was chosen by Banjo Newsletter readers in 2006 as the fourth favorite clawhammer banjo player in the world. She has recorded six CDs, has written five banjo tab books, and has been published in Banjo Newsletter, Studio Magazine, and Old Time Herald. Her music has been played on BBC and National Public radio and is available on itunes worldwide. **********************************************************************************
Mary Z. is also a dulcimaniac with 11 mountain dulcimers. She is a Florida mountain dulcimer champion, as well as the first place winner in the 2006 Uncle Dave Macon Days in Tennessee and two time dulcimer champion at the 2006 & 2007 Transylvania County (North Carolina) Old Time Music Competition. **********************************************************************************
Mary Z. and guitarist husband, Bob, have entertained audiences with dulcimer and banjo concerts and workshops from coast to coast. Mary Z. and Bob enjoy introducing students of all ages to new tunes, techniques, and the dulcimer and banjo.
New for 2009--Mary will be bringing her new 5-string cello banjo to concerts and workshops in the Southeast.
Mary Z. Cox additionally offers concerts, workshops, and dances with her new world and Americana music group, "Drumming On the Edge Of Banjo" featuring Southern Banjo styles with the Afro/Caribbean drumming of Yazid.


New---Florida Banjo!
15 fresh versions of traditional tunes on clawhammer banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and bass.

Also available Cds:
Vintage Banjo (1999)
Walkin' That Banjo Home (2001)
A Secret Life of Banjo (2004)
Banjo Dreamin' Suwannee Nights (2006)

Set List

We have several entertaining 45 minute sets for concerts as well as 60, 45, 30, and 20 minute sets for festivals and camps.

Here is a current 30 minute set:

1. Sally Anne-- uptempo banjo & guitar duet

2. Angeline the Bakegirl--uptempo banjo & guitar duet with vocals (sing along if part of a small indoor concert)

3. Tamlin--Celtic guitar solo with mountain dulcimer backup

4. Western Cowboy--Mary sings this Leadbelly classic, with mountain dulcimer and guitar.

5. John Stinson’s # 2--a favorite celtic old time tune on banjo and guitar--our niece has requested we play this at her wedding. :)

6. Golden Slippers, a James Bland classic played as a banjo & guitar duet

7. Blue--Mary tells a dog tale and slap, taps, frails, and sings this traditional tune about a loyal hound.

8. Ponce de Leon--Mary tells the story of Juan Ponce de Leon and Mary & Bob play this haunting instrumental on banjo and guitar.

Mary Z. Cox is a professional educator as well as a