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Maryz Eyez


With a unique approach, Maryz Eyez features 5 songwriters and 5 lead singers. The sound is both engaging and driving, but at the same time tender to the ear and soothing to the soul. This band has crafted a tightly produced, hookladen sound appealing to indie, rock, punk, and pop fans alike


A refreshing new twist in today’s oversaturated scene, this album proves melody and harmony can still be associated with driving beats and heavy guitar licks. The band reminds us the words, Pop, Rock, Punk, and Singer Songwriter can be synonymous with each other, and live in harmony on a record entitled Memento Mori. With a unique approach, Maryz Eyez features 4 songwriters and 4 lead singers. Although Ryan Wagler holds the lead mic on nearly half of the tunes, the rest of the album is whored from singer to singer and songwriter to songwriter. The sound is both engaging and driving, but at the same time tender to the ear and pleasant to the soul. A wide array of influence can be noted ranging from Social Distortion, Green Day, and Sublime to The Beach Boys, The Beatles, and Johnny Cash; all the while crafting a tightly produced, hookladen rock album appealing to indie, rock, punk, and pop fans alike. Maryz Eyez: Memento Mori, takes us on a ride of ups and downs. From the Latin/Dance vibe of the title track, to the relentless chaos of “Killing Time”, then back to the gentle acoustics of “The Ride into Charlotte”; we find ourselves in a place strangely familiar yet new and refreshing. Though the album is pop friendly, it is not short on rock. Staying true to their roots, these Detroit natives deliver an ensemble of hits that leave the listener singing along to every hook and commanding them to spin the record another round. Here is an album that openly accepts optimism on one hand but questions the reasons why on another. We can all relate to Memento Mori through an understanding of the Latin phrase; “Remember that you are mortal, remember you will die”. The album fittingly reveals we must live each day to its fullest, for tomorrow may not remember us. Key Selling Points: • Two years on the Vans Warped Tour. • 1 and 3 hits on XM radio Channel 52 • Constant Touring Band for the Last 12 Years • Available for In-stores on tour route • Top 10 Myspace Rock bands from Michigan


Debut Album
For All The Haters
track 1 (lights out) has been featured as the #1 hit song on XM radio unsigned channel 52, and track 2 (pourin rain) featured as #3 hit song. Lights out is also featured on many stations throughout the state of MI as well as many college and indie stations throughout the country and parts of the UK and Germany. Pourin Rain is featured on a comp CD in the UK, and tracks 7 (0K), and (8) Change for the Better are featured on an extreme sports DVD (Evolution Wake). Change for the Better was also featured on Kalamazoo's top 40 station as a smash hit on there smash hit or trash it show.

Album "Memento Mori" 2008. Has received much college radio play around the nation as well as major stations in Detroit, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, and Los Angeles, CA

Set List

Genreally a set consist of 45 minutes of nonstop action, 12-15 songs and lots of energy. What makes the band unique is the fact that all the members can play all the instruments and they do, including switching out the lead vocals, and many 4 part harmonies. Maryz Eyez plays mostly original songs but if they do perform a cover it will most likely be a classic oldies song done with a twist. The band occasionally perfoms songs by Hank Williams jr. and John Dever, with a little of their own magic mixed in.