Marz British

Marz British

 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Well my music is very conscious, positive, righteous, passionate, educational, logical, and upright. The role of my music is to expression love, peace and happiness throughout the world. The cause of my music is to start my own revolution.


My name is Timoy Strachan AKA Marz British. I am 25 years of age and was born in a small community in the midst of Kingston, Jamaica called Cassava Piece. My life was surrounded by constant poverty, crime, violence, and police brutality. Instead of complaining about the life I was given, I incorporated these elements into my artistry. My influence comes from the Jamaican culture and the gritty reality of the everyday life I experienced there. My first performance in a stage show was at the age of nine and from then on I knew that music was my destiny.

I migrated to the states at the age of seventeen and pursued a degree in graphic arts though music remained my first love. I continued to work on my music craft and perfecting my rhymes. Many of my friends in college were also involved in music so we spent our free time making beats and doing recordings in the dorm bathrooms.

I have been doing music for years and believe that it is my God-given talent. I hope to spread my music around the world and hopefully encourage others to pursue their passions as well.


Yaga yo - Marz British feat Mista Jamez
Gotta get Dat - Marz British Feat Mista Jamez & Nick Ashton
U Left Me - Marz British Feat Mista Jamez & Nick ashton
In Da CLub - Marz British FeatBre
Say Baby - Marz British
Hot So - Marz British
Love Girls - Marz British feat Mista Jamez
You'z a Keeper - Marz British feat Mista Jamez
Bawl out - Marz British