Marzette Griffith

Marzette Griffith

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Marzette Griffith's style of music is smooth and lends itself to the Chicago Steppin dance scene. It is rhythmic and very popular in the dance clubs around the country. His melodic voice is very flexible and the sound is a smooth groove that makes you want to move your feet. He is a popular artist


"Confident and Cool", as a young talent performer. Marzette's grandmother would take him to church. He sang in the gospel choir and his grandmother said "with all his heart". Coming up in grade school while performing on street corners. Marzette was inspired by his brother, Thomas who formed the group "Turbulation", after watching their performance on stage. His friend Sheldon Brown has supported the group. However, he and Marzette went separate ways. Marzette became the main singer in the Group Essense (Epic/Cleveland International). Now Sheldon Brown formed his own Record Company (Baby Brown Records). Paths was crossed again, into a full circle. Marzette brings to the entertainment scene as a clarion lyrical singer who brings tones from his guts with expressive emotions. His mother, Delores gave him the "gift of dance". She and his brother, Thomas has influence him in his successes.
In summer 2000, working with Grammy Award Winner Jim Peterik, Marzette contributed vocals to Jim's World Stage project. He has appeared in the movie "Love Jones" .Marzette became the first winner of V-103 Stepper's contest. In 2002 he appear at V-103 Stepper's Ball held in the Grand Ballroom. Marzette perform his hit single "Ain't Nothing But A Party", hi 2004 the hit songs "Ain't Nothing But A Party" and his sparkling presence and an unassuming demeanor of his performance of "Rhythm On Time" was air in a commercial for Suburban Dodge. Marzette successes are astonishing. He expanded his popularity to Washington, D.C,, Atlantic, Detroit, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Las Vegus, and the Bahamas. Marzette worked with Bill Pollack Orchestra Band where he had the pleasure performing on the show with Shania Twain at the 2006 Kansas City Speedway.
While now signed to a new Record Label (Baby Brown Records) Marzette is still at his highest level of success. He remains humble knowing and believing, that the gift he has was given from God. It would propelled him his hit single "Stepping With Style" on his new 2007 CD. Marzette Griffith has arrived for the people with the agreement which they have expected. And Now, Marzette


1. "And Now, Marzette"

2. "Are You Going My Way"

3. "Steppin To Love"

Set List

Our typical set list is 10-12 songs and the sets usually laste for 45-60 minutes