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Masaki Ueda @ Kosei Nenkin Geijyutu Hall

Osaka, Not Applicable, Japan

Osaka, Not Applicable, Japan

Masaki Ueda @ Kosei Nenkin Geijyutu Hall

Osaka, Not Applicable, Japan

Osaka, Not Applicable, Japan

Masaki Ueda @ Duo Exchange

Shibuya, Tokyo, Not Applicable, Japan

Shibuya, Tokyo, Not Applicable, Japan

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This band has not uploaded any videos



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Released by Tokuma Onko
1975.5 LP 'Bochi Bochi Ikoka'
1975.12 LP 'Kono Atui Tamashii wo Tshutaetainnya'

Released by Kity Record
1976.5 EP 'Yaseta Kuchibue De'
1977.7 EP 'Kanashii Hibi'
1977.9 LP 'Masaki Ueda'
1978.5 'Harder They Come'
1978.10 LP 'PUSH & PULL'
1979.3 EP 'Onna Wa Kotobajyanai'

Released by CBS SONY
1981.12 EP 'Namida no Darling'
1981.10 EP 'Kanashii Iro Yane〜OSAKA BAY BLUES'
1981.12 EP 'AFTER MIDNIGHT〜Ballad Made Soba ni Ite'
1983.9 EP 'Reggae De Anoko wo Nakasetara' LP'HUSKY'
1984.5 EP 'TAKAKO'
1984.6 LP 'Dakishimetai'
1984.11 EP 'STAND BY ME'(12inchi)
1984.12 LP 'PRIVATE FILE'?iRecorded Live Performance?j
1985.4 EP 'Carollain' Hotel'
1984.9 E P'Hito Shirezu Koi'
1984.12 LP 'Silence'
1986.1 EP 'Omoide ga Furu Yoru'
1987.6 EP 'GO WEST'

Released by Nihon Columbia
1987.11 LP 'Omae no Otokodatta Tokini'
1986.10 LP 'Love Bitter'
1990.12 CD 'B.B.King & HIS SON'?iVictor Music Industry?j
1990.3 CD 'Ie wo Deru Tochudatta Koro'

Released by Pioneer LDC
1992. 2.26 'Shinpai Suna, Anshin Suna'?@
South To South '91 Live ?iMasaki Ueda?•South To South?j
1992.10.21?@'REAL GROOVE'
1993. 3.25 'Here, I am'
1993. 9.25 'That's A Point'
1994. 7.27 'Still Lovin' You'
1995. 3.22 'Roots'
1995.10.25 'SWEET VOICE'

1998.12.10 'Soulscape' ?@?¦Released by maturetone records (Culture Publishers)

Released by Video Arts Music
2003. 8. 27 'Smile'
2004.8. 25 'Imagine'
2006.1.18 'Freedom'

Released by Mu-Za Label (Independent)
2007.7.25 'Osaka'

1991. 9.25 'Zutto Tokude'
1992. 2. 7 'Brother J.O.'
1992. 9.23 'Wagamama'
1993. 9.25 'Midnight Lover'
1994. 1.26 'It's Alright'
1994. 6.25 'Still Lovin' You'

Released by Video Arts Music
2004.8.25 'Masaki Ueda/Just My Memory' Maxi Single



In 1974, he formed legendary super band 'Masaki Ueda and South to South'and achieved the top of the band boom at that time. And then, he activated as solo artist to distribute the album regularly and caught the zeal fans by the soul taste voice and great stage performance. At the same time of doing much live performances in a year, he has been performed with worldwide famous artist, such as B.B. King, Junior Wells and Crusaders. He has acquired the reputation as one- and-only artist of Japanese music scene. Recently, he collaborated with the Asian top-tier artists he feels they have 'the same emotion' and these pieces got chart No. 1 in Indonesia and Malaysia. This accomplishment makes him the only Japanese singer being able to sell his albums internationally. Now, he is ready to debut in the US.

1974: formed legendary super band 'Masaki Ueda and South to South'
1975: released the album 'Bochi Bochi Ikoka (Time to Go)?E jointed with Junji Ariyama (guitarist of South to South)
1976: the last gig at Nara and broke up ‘South to South?Eband.
1977: started as solo singer and released solo album 'Masaki Ueda'
1980: released session album with 'STAFF' included 4 compositions.
1981: transferred to CBS/Sony Records Inc. and released album 'Jealous Night'
1983: single 'Osaka Bay Bluew' became hit song from cable broadcasting in southwest of Japan and achieved single chart No. 1.
1984: invited Sly & Robbie from Jamaica, recorded and released collaboration album
'Dakishimetai (I wanna hold you)' on June.
1987: after 3 years blank, performed live tour for 41 venues in Japan
1988: director Yoshimitu Morita made the movie 'Osaka Bay Bles' originated from his song.
Sep. - single 'Midnight Transfer' became the theme song of NHK Milky way drama series.
1989: released the single 'Boukyou (Nostalgia)' main song of Shouchiku movie ‘Sensei?E
1990: performed with B.B. King at Nakano Sun-plaza Hall.
Dec. - released live album 'B.B. King & His Son' and live performance at 'John Lennon 50th
anniversary concert in Tokyo Dome?E(other performers ?EMiles Davis, Natalie Cole etc.)
1991: April - appeared Japan Airlines TV commercial
Sep. - published the single 'Zutto tokude (long distance for a long time)' became the theme song of NHK Chikamatsu blossom diary drama series.
1992: released album 'Real Groove' one of the compositions 'Wagamama (selfish)'was
determined to the theme song of Asahi Broadcasting drama series and became the brake.
1994: single 'It's All right' became the commercial song of NTT Docomo (on-aired in southwest
1998: performed 3-days tribute live for Otis Redding at Blue Note Osaka.
1999: Sep. - 'Hands Of Time' were determined for theme song of famous drama series
'GHOST' average rating was 30 % in South Korea. The sound track album included this song was distributed in South Korea and achieved the sales 300,000.
2000: May - released the duet song with REZA, Indonesian R&B singer in Indonesia
July - duet song with REZA 'Forever Peace' became very popular in Indonesia and Malaysia.
It had been on chart No. 1 for concurrent 17 weeks.
2001: May - performed with Otis Rush for Blues Carnival at Hibiya Yaon.
Sep. - distributed the album 'No More Blues'he expressed his thought about Blues.
Oct. - went ahead to South Africa for the shooting of NHK BS broadcasting 'Waga Kokoro
no Tabi (My spiritual tour)' recorded the song with local charisma hip-hop group
2002: May - released 'Spiral'collaborated with BLACK BOTTOM BRASS BAND
2003: Jan. - Yebis Breweries (by Sapporo Breweries Ltd.) appointed Masaki to its commercial
character. Masaki sang 'The Third Man'by a cappella on-aired from Jan. 1st in all over Japan
2004: moved to 'Misaki, Miura city, Kanagawa district' because he needed to the base for his music activity and actually began acting around there. Miura city admired his act and appointed him as 'Treatment Ambassador' His lifestyle as well as music activity was in the spotlight by media and published by many TV and magazines, such as Nikkei Money?Eand Sumai no Gokui (secret method for living) on-aired TV Tokyo network.