Philip 7 & Masala

Philip 7 & Masala


PHLIP 7 & MASALA transcend demographics with their magnificent talent, infectious and explosive energy. Their roots are set in Alternative Rock but they have also made their mark in Soca and Reggae performing both original music and covers with a sweet and sexy Caribbean flavor.


Originally an Alternative Rock band, MASALA has transformed into a true Caribbean Band adding the sweet sounds of Soca and Reggae to their sets.
Talented Barbadian singer, songwriter and guitarist PHILIP 7 is at the helm of this versatile band. One is fascinated by looks of this Caribbean man, and can’t help but be intrigued by the way PHILIP 7 & MASALA move effortlessly through R&B, Alternative Rock, Reggae and Soca. PHILIP 7 & MASALA came to life in 2005, consisting of a carefully chosen group of Barbados’ most versatile musicians.

Evolution of PHILIP 7 & MASALA

With locks cascading down his back, the last thing one would expect to hear from this artist is the raw, edgy alternative rock sound for which he has become known. However, the talented Barbadian singer, songwriter and guitarist has carved a niche for himself in a musical
genre not typically known for West Indian roots. As a talented and versatile artist however, Philip is not confined to the alternative sphere.

Barbadian music producer Gary Serrao of Gee Wiz Studios keenly watched PHILIP 7’s evolution over the years which led to an introduction to Canadian music producer Derek Brin. This introduction marked a significant milestone in
PHILIP 7’s career. So impressed was Derek with PHILIP 7 vocal style that they recorded the edgy soulful track ‘Beautiful Surprise’, a song penned by songwriters in a Sony/BMG songwriters camp. Then came the song’s reggae remix which was recorded by the legendary Clive Hunt at Harmony House, Jamaica.
PHILIP 7 then complemented the single with a glossy, international quality music video produced by Stuart Hall of Creative Junction and shot on location in Barbados. This single catapulted PHILIP 7’s career and in January 2008, the local music industry endorsed his talent by awarding him “Best Rock/Alternative Artist” at the 3rd annual Barbados Music Awards. With the success of ‘Beautiful Surprise’, PHILIP 7 put his faith and talent in the hands of the track’s masterminds for another series of recordings. Serrao and Brin worked on follow up singles and crafted the alternative tracks “Nothing Left to Say” and “Unconditional”. These were followed by “Blame It On Love” which was in heavy rotation on both local and regional radio stations. As momentum continued to build, the team quickly returned to the studio for another phase of recordings, with the assistance of Canadian songwriter Rupert Gayle, and internationally recognised production and mix engineer Andrew Dawson.

PHILIP 7 then returned to Barbados to work with Anthony Hoyos and Chris Allman of Slam City Studios on the single ‘Space and Time’ which was followed with another Stuart Hall directed music video. In August 2008, PHILIP 7’s journey led him to Kingston Jamaica, the reggae capital of the world where he had the opportunity to record with some of the island’s leading producers including Jeremy Harding (2hard Records), Stephen McGregor (Big Ship Studios), Donovan Germain (Penthouse Records) and Clive Hunt (Harmony House). Drawing on the depth of knowledge he gained from his co-writing sessions with Rupert Gayle, PHILIP 7 quickly adapted to the new environment to pen and record a number of reggae singles. Later that year he returned to Jamaica to shoot his first reggae music video for the single ‘Looking For’ with director Jay Will (Game Over).

With over 20 recorded singles, PHILIP 7 took on the arduous task of narrowing down a selection to 12 tracks to release his debut solo album titled ‘MASALA’. He maintains that the MASALA album is a true reflection of the musical journey which he has travelled throughout his life. It represents his diversity and draws on several musical influences which have helped to shape him into the unique artist he has become.
PHILIP 7’s appeal goes beyond being a vocalist and in December 2008, he landed an endorsement deal with international eyewear company Oakley to become the first Caribbean artist selected by the company.
Since coming on the scene, PHILIP 7 has worked with some of the world’s leading music producers and songwriters to hone his skills as a songwriter and truly develop as a performing artist. The existence of talent has never been in dispute for PHILIP 7, but the new phase of his career will focus on PHILIP 7 and MASALA - the entire product.

MASALA is an Electrifying Caribbean Band destined to change the face of music and live performances as we know it with their unique style and versatility. The 5 members of the band are PHILIP 7, Toby Armstrong, Ryan Holder , Dexter Snagg and Justin Worrell.

PHILIP 7 – Lead Singer
PHILIP 7 boasts a musical career that spans over 15 years during this short time he has worked with international musicians and producers, positioning him for performances at Sandy Lane Hotel, Lion Castle Polo Club, Brian Lara’s exclusive events, and The Plantation Theatre’s weekly Roots and Rhythm Floor shows. PHILIP 7 is highly


Beautiful Surprise
Space & Time
Silence Me
Wine Gal
Who You Are
Looking For
Bring De Wuk
Blame It On Love