Masao Morinaga

Masao Morinaga


Masao Morinaga is a busy student who writes music on the side. He doesn't write for money or fame. He only writes when he is inspired, which explains the authenticity of his songs. He would like to submit his songs to Christian musicians who are willing to perform and record them.


Masao Morinaga (24 year-old male) has been leading music at his church for 8 years since he was 16 years old. In senior high, Masao was a tenor member of the senior vocal ensemble.

Masao began writing songs with Christian themes after his conversion. His songs are based on personal experiences and timeless Gospel themes.

Masao's best songs were made during times of distress, when he was reaching out for affirmation or consolation. His favourite song "Beauty I Find" was written during a critical time of his life. Everytime he hears his own song, he is reminded of God's faithfulness.

His musical influences are Gospel, British Pop, Eurodance, Alternative, Heavy Metal, and Japanese Pop.


Beauty I Find

Written By: Masao Morinaga

Tell me Lord, tell me what to do
Beauty I find in you
All the beauty I long to see
And the same to love me, again

Verse 1:
All the beauty of the world
Beauty that I cannot keep
And yet I turn to gaze it
Just to make my heart to leap

And by your grace, you would show me
All the beauty I long to see

Verse 2:
May this bridal gown relay
The brightness of the star of day
And with your sacred fragrance
May I wash in innocence

I don't know why it hurts so much inside
For my old self to die, to always take your side
I don't know why I'm torn apart inside
Carrying your cross, counting my loss
But you do love me
You love me

All the beauty I long from you, Lord
All the beauty I get from you, Lord