Mascot Fight

Mascot Fight


If Pavement, Pixies and Blur got into a fight with Belle & Sebastian, The Fall and the Beach Boys.


Mascot Fight are a four-piece indie/pop/rock band, which doesn't really tell you anything about how they actually sound. It could be said that they inhabit a similar ecosystem to Blur, Pavement, and occasionally Belle & Sebastian.

They self-released their debut EP in 2006 (now sold out), the lead track from which gained airplay on a few radio stations, including Huw Stephens' Radio 1 show.

The band's soon-to-be self released album 'Pantomime Hearse' is due out in February 2009, with many of the tracks already having recieved airplay on both BBC and various European radio shows. In 2008 the band played alongside bands such as Johnny Foreigner, Grammatics and the Wave Pictures, as well as playing the Indietracks Festival's Christmas Show.

Catchiness seems to stalk the band at every turn, but occasionally the band crave the eclectic and are known to borrow from musical sources as far apart as drone, barbershop and tabasco. Each member of the band is a slightly different height.


'If Cooks Could Kill'
Several tracks received airplay on various British, European and Canadian radio.

'Pantomime Hearse' (due February 2009)
Debut album due this year, with several tracks already gaining airplay on national BBC radio stations.

Set List

Typical set list lasts for 30-35 minutes. All original material. More details upon request.