Mascot's Distance

Mascot's Distance


Mascot's Distance is a pop americana jazz group comprised of some Manhattan's top session players. Collectively they have worked with The Gorillaz, John Spencer Blues Explosion, Black 47, John Legend, Pete Yorn and Taye Diggs. They have a general draw in the Manhattan area of around 50 people


Contact: (917)796-2881

Mascot’s Distance is a trio/quartet composed of drums, bass, (most recently guitar) and piano created and fronted by Jordon Rothstein. Recently the song Avenue B has been receiving medium rotation in Albany's The EXIT WEXT FM and New Jersey’s WTSR-FM.

Mascot's Distance has been describe as sounding like Steely Dan meets Randy Newman, Josh Ritter, Keane, Ben Folds Five, Phish and Leon Russel. Their influences range from the Beatles, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and Billy Joel, to Miles Davis and Bach.

There draw in Manhattan is generally around 50 people.

Jordon is an award winning singer-songwriter/ composer and producer from New York City. He has worked with some of contemporary music’s biggest recording acts including Ian Gilian (of Deep Purple),Taye Diggs (from the musical Rent), Dan The Automator(The Gorillaz), Russell Simins (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion), John Legend, Kim Sozzi and Pete Yorn, as well as some of New York’s most promising up and coming artists such as Bill Mcgarvey and Cassandra Reed. In 1998 Jordon won best film score for the film Union, in the NYU Film Festival and was music supervisor for an independent film called Falling Sky, starring Karen Allen and Britany Murphy. From 2000 to 2005 he was selected to participate in three ASCAP Songwriter’s workshops. Jordon has had success writing jingles for Carnation Instant Breakfast, Volvo and Folgers Coffee, and recently sold a peice of meditation music to Bed Bath and Beyond. Currently Jordon is doing the score for an MTV reality show called "Legally Blond", while also scoring a feature length documentary starring Houston Rockets Tracy McGrady. Jordon earned a BA in music from Syracuse University and a Masters Degree in music education from Columbia University. Humorously Jordon appeared on the t.v. show Scrubs in February of 2007.

The trio’s drummer, Yutaka Uchida, a jazz composer in his own right, is from Tokyo Japan and attended Boston’s Berklee College of Music. At Berklee, Yutaka won the annual Louie Bellson Award (sponsored by Avedis Zildjian Co.) in recognition of his outstanding performance. In 2005, he received the Performing Arts Award from The Council of the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island. In addition to his performances with Mascot’s Distance, Yutaka can be heard every Sunday evening at the jazz club Cleopatra’s Needle.

Bassist Danny Zanker is a top New York City jazz musician who teaches and plays in many groups in and around New York City.

Guitarist Laurent Medelgi hails from Paris and brings a very original mix of rock, jazz and classical to the band. Laurent has studied with Wayne Krantz and Mike Stern, among many other lesser known yet legendary guitarists. When not playing with Mascot's Distance Laurent can be heard playing in various Broadway pit orchestras in addition to scattered performances at New York's famous 55 Bar. (Laurent is an amazing yet brand new addition to Mascot's Distance which is why he is not in any photos on this site)

Recently Mascot’s Distance’s song Avenue B of there 4 song EP has been put into medium rotation at Albany’s WEXT-FM and New Jersey’s WTSR-FM. Mascot’s Distance has played at The Bitter End, The Cutting Room, Kenny’s Castaways, Arlene’s Grocery, Pianos, The C Note, The Triad, The Knitting Factory, Crash Mansion, The Living Room, Matchless, Lemon, Snitch, Baggot Inn, The Delancey Lounge and The Red Lion.


All man's land

Written By: Jordon

Hey there little man
You’re not a metro sexual I understand
But you can catch a freedom boat
In a top hat if you let go

Like you
Showed me when you touched down
In a solar pod your sister brought
From a park man
Who could see far
And told you that the future
Was for every man
He called it an all man’s land

Meat trees
And cleaner fuel
And electric planes to carry you
To peaceful foreign lands
Where the kings aint kings
Just because they can


Hey hey hey hey
There is room here for us all
Oh oh oh oh and the sharing breaks the fall
You you you you
You are everyman
and you know you can survive
hey hey hey hey
you are everyman
and you know you can survive


Avenue B

Written By: Jordon

Leave it up to Sunday morning weather
We could spend all week down in the cellar
Sending spies outside to bottle sunshine
This reconnaissance is worth the crime

Here on Ave. B
Honey is flowing onto the street
Here we go
Up and over the roofs
To much is never enough
Streaching out of the beast
Here we go
We’ll be fine when we fall

I’ve ignored the obvious for so long
And now the winds of change are yours to sail on
And the baby I once called my girlfriend
Has grown up quick and wants to get me even


I don’t know why
I feel at home
With the sick and the old
It wasn’t me who made my mold


Talk show circuit

Written By: Jordon

Took a long time to get well
But now that you’re feeling better
You’re gonna write a book to tell all
You’re gonna do the talk show circuit

Sentimental cassanova
Flying on a magic pink rug
Hanging with the holy rollers
And waving to your friends

at home who think your famous
‘cause you’re on a day time talk show
but you’re shameless and you’re so sad
and you don’t care now who knows it

cook me till I’m done
turn me over gently now
this aint no more fun

Took a long time to find out
But when you did well it was over
And now your wife is six feet under
And you’re living with her younger sister
And sleeping with your brother’s daughter
And steeling from your dying mother
And anything you can dream of
I’m sure it’s going down somewhere

Somehow on some sorry day time talk show
‘cause they’re shameless and they’re so sad
and they don’t care now who knows it.

cook me ‘till I’m done
turn me over gently now
this aint no more fun


Mascot's Distance has released two albums. A 4 song EP and a Full length album..Both are available at and Itunes, as well as available for listening at Pandora radio.
The song Avenue B has been receiving medium rotation in Albany's The EXIT WEXT FM and New Jersey’s WTSR-FM..

Set List

Are sets are approximately 45 minutes and are comprised of about 7 to 8 original songs.
We usually throw one or two covers into the set..
The covers in our repertoire are The Elvis song "That's Alright Momma" Jimmy Soul's "If you wanna be happy", The Beatle's "Tell me why", Traditional Blues song "My Babe" and Steely Dan's "Any Major Dude".