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The best kept secret in music


"mascott press"

new york times

If Aimee Mann had fended off cynicism, she might sound like Kendall Meade, the songwriter and singer of Mascott. The serenely tuneful songs on Dreamer's Book turn folk-rock into stately pop, wrapping vulnerability and longing in quietly radiant arrangements.
-jon pareles

vanity fair

Mascott is former Helium and Sparklehorse member Kendall Jane Meade, who releases the beautiful Dreamer's Book.
-Lisa Robinson


On her third release, Mascott's Kendall Jane Meade still sounds charmingly vulnerable, and still writes like she's dotting her verse with unusually romantic British vernacular-once again confirming her gift for executing the three-minute pop song. With its timeless cross-section of pop modalities, Dreamer's Book is a breakthrough for Ms. Meade. She builds her imminently accessible folk-pop tracks upon a foundation of languid, melancholy-dipped ruminations, then fades out on the ether of a few earthbound rockers; this album is defined by Meade's innate sense of balance. Throughout, every mood and texture finds its complimentary match, as the icebreaking hush of the pristine "Time Waits" is melted by the glistening drama of "Song From a Dream."
Given her unassailable indie-rock pedigree, some listeners may be surprised by the decidedly VH1 direction of the sturdy, central guitar riff and quasi-soulful vocal of "Turn Off/Turn On" and thoughtfully effervescent patchwork of strings, dizzy guitar, and bouncy keys on "The Write-Up." But even if she occasionally sounds more like Dido than Chan Marshall, Dreamer's Book is teh sound of an artist commandeering and combining her favorite moments from the recorded pop canon to create something far more distinctive than it's constituent part.
-matt fink


When Kendall Meade sings "No one leans on innocence" in the opening line of her new album's "Dreamer's Book", her fans might be wondering what happened to Mascott, the wide-eyed ingenue. But rather than move to the other end of the spectrum and hit notes of complete cynicism, Meade uses her charming voice, punctuated with gentle horns and harmonies, to convey the plaintive desires of a good girl who needs some courage to break out of her shell. The pretty, melancholy pop songs on Dreamer's Book showcase Meade's strength: expressing the complexity of emotions like longing and elation without falling into traps of melodramatic sentimentality. Lush arrangements combine with Meade's sincere vocal delivery, resulting in a more confident group of songs than Mascott's previous outings, including 2000's Follow The Sound . Meade enlisted the talents of numerous indie pals, including Jud Ehrbar (Varnaline), Dave Derby and Phoebe Summersquash (Small Factory), Mary Timony, Thom Monahan (Pernice Brothers) and Joan Wasser (Dambuilders), to create these finely crafted songs, and the outside influences serve as an enriching force in what could've been a sparse or introverted affair. The enchanting Dreamer's Book fully realizes Meade's visions of a dreamy landscape of yearning, loneliness and just a little bit of rebellion.
-amy wan

performing songwriter

The third release from Mascott (aka Kendall Jane Meade) is notable for its sonic elegance and plainspoken smarts. This is Meade's first DIY release as Mascott (see her two previous standouts on Le Grand Magistery) and her most accomplished.
In the past, she has played with the likes of Sparklehorse, Helium and The Spinanes, as well as making appearances on records from Varnaline and Eamonn Vitt, and all that indie cred comes in very handy on this lush and understated record.
On Dreamer's Book, Meade and band slide through an alluring and breathless 12 tracks like water over glass. The band and noteworthy guests (including Thom Monahan of The Pernice Brothers and Helium's Mary Timony) all acquit themselves well, creating a wholly engrossing soundscape for Meade's simple and poignant songs.
The instrumentation is well-rounded but open, leaving a luxurious space for Meade's lovely voice and heart-stopping phrasing. Every song is a highlight, and the album has already secured a place on my "best of" list for the year. -CS - here's a few reviews


dreamer's book-lp-2004 red panda records
follow the sound-lp-200 le grand magistery records
electric poems-ep-1998 le grand magistery records


Feeling a bit camera shy


mascott press!
Singer/songwriter Kendall Jane Meade is Mascott. She makes sweet music-not to be confused with saccharin-sweet music. Her debut full-length, "Follow the Sound" (released four years ago on Le Grand Magistery), was knee-deep in Dusty Springfield-hued sensibilities. Though still a sentimentalist at heart, "Dreamer's Book" finds the artist bridging the gap between Aimee Mann-styled folky rock ("Turn Off/Turn On") and the rich sonic textures of Cocteau Twins ("Time Waits"). From one song to the next, Mascott enchants. "He's not as blind as he could be/He doesn't know he's one of three/And I chose him like/He chose me," she sings in the oh-so-spry "Kite" which fondly recalls such glistening Petula Clark gems as "Round Every Corner." With sincerity, grace and passion, Meade has created her very own lush life in "Dreamer's Book."