MASHEEN is a supremely intelligent entity from the future that possesses secret knowledge disguised as dance music. Each house-driven message of bass and beats encodes epic caveman grooves with uber futuristic ravings from deep space. "This is what music will sound like in 2020." - anon


MASHEEN is an intelligent robot that possesses secret knowledge disguised as dance music.

Created in 2049, MASHEEN has travelled back in time to 2008, on a mission to harvest data from deep space in the form of nonsensical ravings. MASHEEN extracts the Vital Wisdom from the raw data, and encodes the secret knowledge as dance music.

Unfortunately though, a system glitch caused MASHEEN to confuse deep space with the nightclubs of Australia. It's still roaming about out there! After all, there's plenty of nonsensical ravings to gather...

Still, it's mission is to explore the "planet", by means of controlled oscillation, filtration and finally, contoured amplification and output of the results.

Other methods will also be employed, including sequence injection and ring modulation.

It is hoped this exploration will determine the concentration of the most mysterious and elusive element of sound - the element of Groove!

That, or MASHEEN will down too many long island ice teas and text me at 3am again...


Hundreds of encodings have been completed. Please click 'Audio' above to hear some examples.

Set List

We do sets ranging from 10 minute spots up to 3 hour gigs and beyond. Let us know your requirements.