Mashrou' Leila

Mashrou' Leila

 Beirut, Beyrouth, LBN

The best thing that came out of Beirut since the world-famous Lebanese cuisine. Visceral, infectious, wonderful, uplifting music from seven characters all studying architecture. A play on words, Mashrou' Leila means project of the night, one which is totally memorable.


Mashrou' Leila was born on a university campus between three architectural students at AUB, Beirut. From a music workshop in 2008, it evolved into the "most wanted band in the Middle-East" and is set to export its unique sounds, melodies and amazing lyrics worldwide. Seven friends are now sharing the experience of a lifetime. There is no satisfactory way to describe their sound as it's so fresh and totally innovative.

It is only when Mashrou' Leila goes live that you can actually catch a glimpse of Leila. As it talks to you of Beirut, the city that tastes of the absurd, the product of its day-to-day experiences, its stubborn security and lack of the latter, its musical bombshells, incoherent sexuality and thrusting pleasure, it also brings forwards hints of Arabic tarab, rock, folk, pop, electro and within the myriads of harmonic explosion you can see leila in every man and woman in the silent-come-raving audience.

Two years ago, Mashrou' Leila was the pop/rock revelation of the renowned Byblos International Festival. The sold-out concert gathered more than three thousand enchanted spectators, turning them into loyal fans. From there, they have appeared at the World Music Festival in Dubai, The Big Day Out in Doha, La Maroquinerie in Paris, Paradiso in Amsterdam and are lining up several shows at the Baalbeck International Festival (the most prestigious festival in the middle east), the Paleo Festival in Switzerland, and La Cigale in Paris.

Their lyrics are unabashedly sexual, political, revolutionary. Their energy on stage is unequalled and their charm unparalleled. Whatever it is, Mashrou' Leila, (in Arabic: “an overnight project”) seems more than ever, predestined to represent an entire generation.


Mashrou' Leila (2010)
El Hal Romancy (2011)