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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Solo Hip Hop




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M2G and Masimba Dzanya. "Break Free" Performed by M2G and $ims. 2013.

Nathan Fresco and Masimba Dzanya. "I Wanna Be" Performed by $ims. The Foreign King Mixtape, 2013.

Tinashe Sibanda and Masimba Dzanya. "I Just Want It All" Performed by $ims. The Foreign King Mixtape, 2013.

Tinashe Sibanda and Masimba Dzanya. "The Good Life" Performed by $ims. 2012.

Spotlight Dreams Mixtape:

Eric Dan & Wiz Khalifa. "When I'm Gone..(Remix)" Performed by $ims. Spotlight Dreams Mixtape Vol1, 2011.

Nuiq Stana, Masimba Dzanya, Nico Choruma, Simbarashe Tagwireyi and Claire DeLaval. "Showers" Performed by $ims, Nikko and Simba Tagz. Spotlght Dreams Mixtape Vol2, 2012.

Tinashe Sibanda, Masimba Dzanya and Nico Choruma. "A Toast" Peformed by $ims and Nikko. Spotlight Dreams Vol2, 2012.



Masimba Dzanya better known for his stage name “$ims” was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. $ims who is an aspiring up-coming musician entered the recording bizz up in 2009. Before $ims ventured out into his own self-recording artist, $ims was part of a boy band group named “New Era Boys” which $ims and his two friends founded. The group was known for their astonishing songs, some of which were played on the local radio. Unfortunately $ims being the youngest member of the group, his two friends departed for college leaving $ims behind; “When my boys' Tracy J and Kuzi left, the group quickly fell apart. In the beginning we tried to keep it together but it just became harder for us to continue but regardless we continue to stay in touch and till this day we all still produce music which is a good thing.” The young group's passion for music formed a strong bond, mounting them together as brothers of the same dream. $ims added “It's always been our dream to show our parents what we can do!"

In 2010 $ims began working on his own promo mixtape entitled “Work & Play” However $ims did not manage to finish the mixtape due to his school priorities. A year later $ims came out producing singles which became a part of his mixtape entitled “Spotlight-Dreams” One of his tracks' was placed on a local group mixtape known as “That Squad Records” (Zwagga Tape) “Being an unknown up-coming artist, having the opportunity for one of my tracks to be included in a mixtape, you know that’s priceless, it meant a lot to me and still does to this very day knowing that people not only within my community enjoy it but different people from across the world are dancing and smiling to my words and beat.”

Through his hard work $ims has managed to work with a couple local artists who featured on some of his tracks. Furthermore $ims managed to inspire one of his schoolmates known as “Nikko” to join in the recording bizz. The two aspiring artists work hand in hand and have managed to produce a couple songs together and assemble a joint Mixtape. Nikko went on to express his desire for the music, “I enjoy making music alongside with my boy $ims, it’s a big deal for us because we’re not only trying to chase our dreams but we’re also trying to represent our beautiful hometown.” The two boys clearly have a strong eye for music production. $ims has a strong passion for entertaining as he added “Music means a lot to me, it’s a good form of expression. I’m not the best, you know I’m still young it’ll take time for me to perfect my skills but one thing that I know is that I’ll do whatever it takes to pursue my dreams and show people who doubted me, that I did it all!”

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