More a club than a band, since 2000 Maskesmechine has evolved from a yoga-stretch club into a dance club (reefteef) and now a singing and music making club. Not very sexy? Oh well! Headstrong like children they do everything themselves, just like getting dressed yourself and making your own sandwiches. At first glance, you might think home-made birthday cake.
They released “Plaktang” (EP, 2004, lowlands) edited by Tom Pintens. For their first full length CD, Mauro Pawlowski advised them to ask Pascal Deweze to join in. Pascal has all the right gadgets to do justice to the genuine Maskes sound. Mauro saying at intervals: “great sound, guys!”
Skillfully harmonizing in several languages they throw open their small world without loosing any of their unique character. The club is at its best during live performances: music, song, dance going hand in hand. Text, images and sound guiding the maskesmachine reality. Now they even use video.


EP 'Plaktang' Lowlands 2004
CD 'Ge kun et' release 24 september 2007

Set List

set lengt approx. 60 minutes