Worthing, England, GBR
BandRockNew Age

Masks are a 3 peice instrumental rock band from the south coast. They have been described as a mix off Prog metal band Tool and experimental electronic band Battles. Mixing delay fueled guitars, distorted bass and tom heavy drums, Masks are a breath of fresh air to the instrumental scene.


Having played London and Brighton exstensivly and being a band to watch at Truck Festival 2011 Masks are on the up. Formed in 2009 as a 2 peice then progressing into a 3 peice Masks have always wanted to bring instrumental music to a wider audience and to do that they try and make every song as interesting and epic as possible. With pedals lining the floor every guitar tone is different and every bass tone booming. Drums are tribal and hardcore in style. It really is an odd mix but it sure as hell works. Influences are mainly Brontide,65dos,Tool,Battles,Gallops,Foals,Pearl Jam.


Masks - Forever Dancing - 3 track EP (Itunes)
Future Release in 2012

Set List

Clide The Enigma
The Lemon Tree
Bluebells Part. 2
Covered In Furs
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