Mason Parker

Mason Parker

 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
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In Early 2017, Mason performed on BET Jams’ “Versed,” later releasing what would be his final mixtape as a North Carolinian, “Versed: The Mixtape.” After being featured as a Revolt Spotlight Artist on Revolt TV Mason is now promoting his album/comic book series, The Paperback Hero Saga Book 1: FREE MASON.


Mason Parker is a modern day renaissance man. The poster child for versatility, Mason is a lyrical genius, displaying his creative prowess as a lyricist, spoken word artist and writer. While his start is deeply rooted in southern hip hop, his buzz around the country continues to grow. Every lyric, every word, every ebb and flow of his unique delivery is soulfully honest, rich with pain, victory, self-realization, and truth. His work is a narrative, addressing non-traditional topics like child abuse, mental health, trauma, parental loss and even the joys and challenges of single fatherhood. Harnessing the power of his journey, he masterfully weaves a story of hope, an almost spiritual awakening for the soul and a rally cry for this generation. With his most anticipated project to date, released earlier this year, The Paperback Hero: Book One - Free Mason, Mason aims to set free those bound by societal chains, personal demons and fears. The first installment in his musical comic book masterpiece, The Paperback Hero Saga is an allegorical story, told through music, poetry, and film, of the individual’s journey toward self discovery. In the story, we follow Malik as he realizes his destiny through the power of learning the “Knowledge of Self”, unlocking the God-like powers within him. The Paperback Hero Saga highlights the battles we all face as we endeavor to find our purpose and embrace the greatness that lives inside of us all.

The hometown hero released several mixtapes including “Loose Leaf Vol. 1” and “Loose Leaf Vol. 2” underneath his previous “Quill” moniker. He also released his single, “So Sorry Momma,” one of many songs showcasing the true depth of his message, featured on Talib Kweli's “Community Mixtape.”  This led to Mason being featured as a special guest artist on Kweli’s 2010 "Gutter Rainbows” Tour. He appeared on BET Jams and that, along with a critically acclaimed stage performance in On Q Productions’ “Miles & Coltrane: Blue(.)” at the International Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, catapulted Mason to the limelight, and later being named Charlotte's Best Rapper in 2013 by Creative Loafing Magazine.  

For more than a year, Mason was the overnight host on WPEG Power 98FM, Charlotte, North Carolina’s largest urban contemporary station. He appeared on the BET Music Matters Showcase in New York City, catapulting him to being one of North Carolina’s most sought after artists, including being named 2016 Queen City Awards' Male Hip-Hop Artist of the Year. In the same year, Mason boasted the honor of reprising legendary MC Kurtis Blow’s role as host and emcee during the sold out run of “The Hip Hop Nutcracker.” He later filmed the video to his debut single “#StillDreamin” with the show’s dancers.

 In Early 2017, Mason performed on BET Jams’ “Versed,” later releasing what would be his final mixtape as a North Carolinian, “Versed: The Mixtape.” After being featured as a Revolt Spotlight Artist on Revolt TV, Mason is now working on promoting his album/comic book series, along with developing his creative consulting firm,  INKified Creative, LLC.


Take My Breath Away

Written By: Mason Parker

They say the end is near
Can you feel it?
Can you separate the fake
From the realness
Used to call me ill with the quill
Am I still sick?
10 years after 9/11
Are we still pissed?
Pushin propaganda to the public
In a reel clip
Cut it just right
So we eat it up real quick
Nigga almost 30
They be askin
"yo, you STILL spit???"
Yea nigga
Long as I'm alive
I'ma kill shit
Know that
Came a long road
I'd implode before I go back
Shine so bright till my limelight
Go black
Any naysayer get sprayed
Nigga hol dat
All these people lost
Spread love to the whole map
Young black men
Tryna dodge an early death
Run to church and religion
Tryin not to get left
Pay enough tithes
To erase the whole debt
We all race to the finish
Can't run the whole leg
Nobody got the answers
Don't trust what's said
Rather lay out all my troubles
All along the treble clef
Long as I change lives
I'ma feel like I'm the best
God moves through me
I just take a deep breath

(I just take a deep breath)

It's almost overwhelming
It all is
All these stories of my peers
Made martyrs
Shall we pour out a lil liquor for the fallen
And Trayvon Martin
Still killed
All cause we built a lil darker
Still strange fruit
Hang in Mr. Charlie's garden
Wit no options
We all seem caught in
The middle
In between realities
We blocked in
On the one hand
You got the world I live
On the other
It's whatever Love and Hip-Hop is
Quick to gobble up all this Viacom Garbage
But I ain't gon' front
Like I never stop to watch it
Key demographic
They done turned us into targets
Could it be
That they know somethin we don't?
Could it be
Cause they read things
We won't?
Put it on the line
On the line like a free throw
Feel like
I been called
I been called to speak so
I get up
And spill my guts
Give it to the people
Gate to the soul
I'm just lookin through the peephole
Take a deep breath
Tryna be somebody's hero

(I just take a deep breath)

I gotta lotta
Inside of
The heart of a
Mighty lion
I size em up
Then devour
The hunger
Never expire
Keep it goin
The fire
I never tire
We never stoppin
Never been for pistol poppin
But spot it
Cock it
And drop it
Surviving's not an option
Derita Rider
For hire
North Carolina
The finest of crowd exciters
Droppin fiyah
To wiser
Like a bush on Mt. Moriah
Be grindin
To get this dollar
Relentless for my desires
I told you that I would make it
And I won't be made a liar
I take it higher
Than zip lines
I'm slidin
Get mines
I'm writin
Tryna make a difference
I wish guys would try this
Penny to a dollar
I hope they all buy this
When you stand for somethin
They just say you bein righteous
Tahuti and Heru
I move with that guidance
G's move in silence
Leave blues behind us
Lessons are merely blessings
That wear good disguises
Judge by my heart
And not by these vices
We are what you made
We still seem slave minded


  • Loose Leaf vol. 2 Hosted by DJ Chuck T- 2014
  • VERSED: The Mixtape Hosted by DJ Chuck T- 2016
  • The Paperback Hero Saga Book 1: FREE MASON- May 2018