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"Two Doubles Reviewed"

Not that it ever went away but there's been a noticeable resurgence of Southern music here in the Capital of the South. Leading the way, Mason Dixon Disaster's honky-tonk rock delivers a beer bottle to the head of today's pop-country. Returning to Red Planet Studios to record their full-length debut, Two Doubles builds on the success of their sold-out 5-song EP. Mason Dixon Disaster keep the twangy melodies simple and straightforward, not unlike the many bands in a typical alt-country namecheck. They effortlessly tear through Southern rock ballads ("Best Intentions"), pining Americana ("Dixon Creek"), outlaw country anthems ("Endless July"), and rollicking rockabilly barn-burners (" Thirteen Steps"), letting their punk roots shine throughout.

What sets MDD further apart from the pack, both creatively and musically, are the dual female/male vocals of Erin Bryant and Fred Pinckard. Respectively rich and raspy, their smokey, soulful voices will have you envisioning a fantastic collaboration between June Carter Cash and Social Distortion's Mike Ness. On Two Doubles, the Southern music of Mason Dixon Disaster will no doubt stir your mind, your heart, and your drink. - Mike Rutz - RVA Magazine

"July 2006"

Mason Dixon Disaster is the result of a collaboration between two friends evolving into a full-time band, but sounds like if Tom Waits fronted an alt-country band. Its a great recipe for success, and in fact not a disaster as they would have us believe.
- Nanci Raygun

"June 2006"

"Country Rock the way bands like The Drive-By Truckers and Lucero like it. Makes you want to shoot some whisk3y, kick the dog, go drag racin', and tell your friends about it. Male/female vocals go from raspy and worn to sweet and sassy with rockin guitars and percussion that will make you swaller' your tongue. These cats know how to get the crowd to raise their bottles and sing along." - RVA Magazine

"March 2006"

... I'd heard they were southern rock, and this wasn't far from the truth. There was a decent amount of country mixed into their sound as well, but the foundation was rock n' roll. There are plenty of bands playing this style right now, but I haven't really heard of any in the Richmond underground scene, so I was a little worried that Mason Dixon Disaster would attempt to get by on novelty, but it was obvious once they'd played a few songs that they were not just trying to do something different but do it well. With the rare exceptions, the playing was not flashy; the musicians in the band kept what they played simple and made sure it served the song. The songwriting, though, showed creativity and inspiration from the various other genres the members of Mason Dixon Disaster have played over the years; at times, they could even be said to have breakdowns, but there more hardcore influenced touches were integrated smoothly into their overall alt-country sound, which reminded me of the Drive-By Truckers and Whiskeytown. - No Signal Magazine


Self-Titled EP 2006
* All songs receiving multiple air play on local independent radio *

Two Doubles 2007



The Mason Dixon Disaster is the result of five friends getting together with the intention of doing something a little different. Combining male and female vocals with country and southern rock influenced music.

The band officially formed in the summer of 2005, with each member agreeing to travel a different path than they had with previous endeavors. Half of their first year together was spent creating songs and making sure they had the sound that they were looking for, not to jumping the gun by playing shows too soon. In February of 2006 The Mason Dixon Disaster debuted with an overwhelming response, since then there has been no turning back for them. They play each show with every ounce of their being and are constantly introducing new material.

The Mason Dixon Disaster has proven they don’t shy away from hard work. To date, they've released a self titled EP, which sold out in a matter of months, packed up a van and hit the road for two weeks of solid shows and hit the studio within the next two months to begin work on their debut full length record. As of spring 2008, they are hitting the road again in support of their full length "Two Doubles" while writing songs for their second full length.

Playing with such respected acts as Lucero, Drag the River, Cory Brannan, Dirty On Purpose and William Elliot Whitmore only increases their momentum. The Mason Dixon Disaster is a band that isn't afraid to put it all on the line to do what makes them get out of bed every day , playing rock ‘n roll anywhere they can!

"The van's outside and ready to go!"