Mason Dixons Band

Mason Dixons Band


Steve Dixon, lead singer/songwriter. Hot Country/Rock entertainer.


Amid the neon lights of Las Vegas’ legendary and glamorous entertainment circuit emerges the multi-talented musician, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur Steve Dixon. In a city constantly reinventing itself, Dixon stands out as a down-to- earth musical innovator with wide-ranging experience - running the gamut from a music career to “on the street” personal experience as police officer – and coming full circle to culminate his career as a musician, recording artist and engineer.

Born in 1954 in Chehalis, Washington, Dixon left behind a promising musical career in Las Vegas to return to his home state to raise his stepson and daughter. He worked as a police officer, logger and truck driver, while still maintaining his passion and love for music. He returned to Vegas in 2000, where he held positions in TV production with ABC, NBC, HBO and other prominent clients.

Perhaps just as impressive is the fact that Dixon is an Emmy Award-winning sound technician for television and CEO of AS Inc., which includes Southbound Productions and Prism Studios. In his impressive run, he has worked on several shows in the world of entertainment, including Larry King Interviewing the Beatles, the World Music Awards, the Latin Grammy Awards and many poker and boxing shows -- just to name a few of his accomplishments.

This diversity of talents stretches to the performing and recording industries, where Dixon has worked at numerous studios and possesses a keen understanding of all aspects of recording technologies including ADAT formats, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubases, digital formats, hard disc and analog. He has produced more than 100 projects, including one movie soundtrack.

Dixon is the namesake leader of the Mason Dixons Band. Capable of performing a virtual cornucopia of musical and vocal expressions, the group specializes in Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz, Soul-Motown, Reggae and Ballads, and boasts a roster of exciting live performances.

Dixon's musical beginnings are steeped in learning drums and percussion, and this foundation led him to become a well-established guitarist who is equally skilled at playing bass, harmonica, trumpet and keyboards.

Mason Dixons’ explosive debut CD, Life Can Be Over in a Flash, includes the title track (Flash) which tells the story of a soldier escaping a small town with dreams and traveling home from war. Dixon notes that although it may not be a "happy" song, it does reveal the way it is for many who have lost loved ones needlessly to war.

A musician first and foremost, Dixon is a pioneer who moves audaciously into the future by traveling back to "the good old days" when people listened to music and used their imaginations rather than relying on videos to stimulate their visceral senses and "create" the scenes. It is perhaps the slogan for his record company, Prism Records, which summarizes his passions best: Music You Hear with Your Ears. While Dixon plans for videos to accompany some of these songs from his new album, he is more interested in taking his time to hear the ideas and concepts of others and shoot the videos from their point of view.

Dixon has performed with a virtual "Who's Who" in the music industry, including such notables as Willie Nelson, Hank Thompson, Johnny and June Carter Cash, Merle Haggard, Ferlin Husky, Bo Didley, the Charlie Daniels Band, Chuck Berry, Del Shannon, Waylon Jennings, the Drifters and the Kingsman.