Masonik is a Vj, turntable & live musician project exploring Dub. Musical references range from Arabic, Jewish, Greek, Indian and Pakistani, fused with jazz & dub.


About Masonik

Masonik is a Vj, turntable & live musician project exploring Dub. Masonik has performed in various venues since 2006. Masonik’s live Dub draws from a huge variety of sources including spoken word, world music and film.
Musical references range from Arabic, Jewish, Greek, Indian and Pakistani, fused with jazz, blues & dub.

These sounds combined with beats give Masonik a full and rich musical palette.
Masonik combines live instruments, custom vinyl cuts, world sounds, beats, ambient textures & video projections. Masonik offers rich immersive sounds, uniquely matched with live, dimensional video image textures.

All songs are original compositions & arrangements.

Masonik operates as a Temple or Lodge that records guest musicians to add to the sample base of the Masonik sound.

Masonik can perform under various forms being duo, trio or ensemble depending on the size of venue.

Masonik Performers

Baziz (Basil Psanoudakis) Turntable, Laptop, Gramophone, Beats & Unique Field Samples
Mixes custom cut & standard vinyl for texture on conventional DJ turntables. He feeds his sound via laptop, which also provides the source for Masonik’s beats. Basil has been teaching multimedia for 20 years. He has been producing music, film & graphic design for the duration of this time. He has collaborated with numerous outfits producing work for bands, dance & theatre troupes, community groups and websites. He has presented numerous academic papers on new media in theatre, media & music, both nationally and internationally.

Mole (Tony Monaco) Live Video Projections
Manipulates unique, original Masonik graphics & rare archival video so that every beat & mood is matched for a total sight/sound experience. Tony has been working with digital video for more than 15 years. He created digital video & 3D graphic elements for Perth cult underground electro outfit Elvis Penis during the 1990’s and also collaborated with educational institutions to provide multimedia projections for theatre productions. As well as providing live Vj for Masonik, Tony has also Vj’ed for the Perth Wami Awards & is the permanent Vj for local band Wormhole.

Pax (Paul Andrews) Saxophone, Bass Clarinet & Effects
Deconstructs his beloved jazz through the dub medium. Reinterpreting his years of honed performances and training into a completely different mold. An Internationally acclaimed saxophonist and educator, Paul’s performances include the Monterey Jazz Festival, Expo'86 Japan & The World Saxophone Congress Chicago. He has recorded with James and John Morrison; Don Burrows; Dale Barlow; Peter Biffin; Arthur Gracias; Joe Lane; Alan Turnbull and The Daly Wilson Big Band.

Bal (Bal Singh) Sarangi & Drones

Plays in both Indian Classical and more experimental and contemporary contexts. He brings his own improvised Indian themes to downtempo beats and electro drones. Bal Singh is an Indian electronic music producer and also a disciple of sarangi maestro Ustad Sabri Khan. His music has been nominated for the WA music industry song of the year awards.

Bruno (Bruno Michel) Bass
Born in Paris and living now in Perth, Bruno graduated from CNAC (National Center of Circus Arts, France) and shares his skills between circus, music and dance. Bruno joined Masonik in 2009 as bass player.

Performance History

Fremantle Fete De La Musique 2009
Fly By Night
Little Creatures Loft
Railway Hotel
The Moon Cafe
Xwray Café
Swan Lounge
Shape Night Club


Masonik is currently working on its first album.

All singles can be listened to at

Set List

Masonik performs two sets for a total of 2.5hrs.

All songs are original composition:
Auto-Rickshaw Dub
Insurrection Dub
Hatha Dub
Inner Reunion Dub
Blind Man Dub
Biat Dub

Masonik can perform in various form: duo, trio, quartet, quintet