Mason Lindahl

Mason Lindahl


With the classic influence of John Lennon, the storytelling of Bob Dillon and the quirky underground influence of Bright Eyes, Mason Lindahl, approaches his music with youthful anxed in metephorical poetry.


In these days of pre-fab packaged solo-artists-- something new, original and innovative is hard to come by.
"Trying to make your way in the music biz as a solo-artist-- is like trying to run through quicksand." Bob Dylan
In other words-- You (as a solitary entity)-- go where others fear to tread—and if you’re a sell-out wimp… you form a band. (an ‘in-joke).
"Bands are evil voodoo punctuated by violent arguments—but the solo artist’s vision remains pure." Lou Reed – Velvet Underground
No truer words of nascent musical artistry have ever been spoken. Conclusion: Going it solo is a daunting task at best.
For Mason Lindahl busking on lonely street corners and coffeehouse ingresses from the tender age of 14—taught him a dark lesson in musical logic and survival within a universe that doesn’t care.
"If you’re going to hawk your songs from street corners they better be catchy." John Lennon
Mason Lindahl lives up to this statement and then some. He has honed his art and craft into a potent mix of reality, grief and hard reflection at a young age.
Part street urchin, part pop-prophet, part pop-idol, con-artist and all songwriter, Mason Lindahl’s music requires one to re-think where (pop-music) is headed.
With his new CD "Everyone’s Anywhere but Home" Mason Lindahl sketches through fragments of a universe gone sour where everything goes wrong and then turns out right.


Everyone is Anywhere but Home...
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Songs on current album "Everyone is Anywhere but Home" and additional originals...
Sets last from 1 hour to 2 hours