The orgy of mind blowing lyrics and melody overcoming the very fabric of space and time to bring you enlightenment as if it were a prophetic source of wisdom and rebellion sent down from the hands of the creator himself to bring about the end of all things and the beginning of a new world for you+me


Masq, including 19 year old Singer/songwriter/guitarist Sunny Uppal drummer Animaan Pathak and bassist Charles Horin team up to bash out rock from the city of LA.

Masq originating under a different name finds its roots in Dubai. After having success as a local act in a city not known for music, Lead singer Sunny Uppal decided to take their music out into the real world. Being noticed by a local talent agency they were given the opportunity to open for the band Alien Ant Farm and play Dubai's annual Back2School festival. This then lead to Dubais leading studio Creative Kingdom to offer them a recording session to further develop their set.

Breaking out with an EP in 2009 the band developed their style. However the band had to break up in 2010 due to college. Lead Singer Sunny Uppal Having made connections with current band members Animaan Pathak and Charles Horin in LA kept the band alive under a new guise "Masq." Recording the unheard songs on their new self titled demo.

Masq is currently working on their new album 'Times I Knew Better.'


MASQ - EP (2011)
Times I Knew Better *(To be released late 2011)

Set List

1. Dreamer's Paradise
2. Dark Side
3. Under the Influence
4. Through the Night
5. Wild Things
6. Times I Knew Better
7. Someone
8. Take Take Take