"dynamic, two girl / three boy outfit fronted by singer chanteuse Justine Berry"


It's not that often that an unsigned band from Europe gets the chance to jump on a plane to San Francisco and go into the studio at the invitation of one of the hottest producers around but that is exactly what happened to UK band M.A.S.S. who have just completed recording a bunch of new songs with producer Jeff Saltzman (The Killers' 'Hot Fuss' etc.) - the results are fantastic and look set to bring the band to wider attention

JUSTINE and the boys also made their US debut on September 17th 2005 after being selected (via Sonic Bids) to play @ the 2005 CMJ Music Marathon
M.A.S.S have created their reputation from being not afraid to follow Henry (Rollins)'s advice and 'Get In The Van'; they have clocked up literally 10s of 1,000s of miles on the vanometer as they have taken their incendary live show back and forth across Europe to every venue they could find in driving distance (and beyond ;-). In between accepting invitations to open for the likes of PEACHES, RAZORLIGHT, MUSE, DRESDEN DOLLS, BLOC PARTY, THE DATSUNS and THE LIBERTINES and take part in such prestigious European live events as Les Inrocks festival in Paris, Access All Areas in Stockholm and Eurosonic in Holland.

M.A.S.S. formed in London, England in 2002 by singer JUSTINE, along with drummer STUART from Dublin, Ireland, bass player PAUL from Bergen in Norway and joined soon after by guitarist ANDY from the band Dodgy.

M.A.S.S. first recordings, including the song HEY GRAVITY were immediately picked up by radio in the UK, including BBC RADIO ONE who chose HEY GRAVITY to be the track to launch their new OneMusic initiative and website. The song was soon being spun by influential DJs such as John Peel, Steve Lamacq and Jo Whiley and XFM in London. HEY GRAVITY was released as the band's debut single in the summer of 2002 and described by XFM as "the best debut you will hear this year", subsequently ending the year in many 'best of lists' including a slot in the Top 10 of John Peel's prestigious Festive 50.

'REVOLUTION', The their debut album released in July 2004 was recorded virtually live over three weekend sessions at Sony Studios in London, the same studio where The Clash recorded their eponymous debut. We think that The Guardian daily newspaper critics probably got it right when they described M.A.S.S. as
"Well, it's loud infectious rock 'n' roll time again and MASS have got plenty of what it takes ..... A female singer who sounds like she knows one end of a good night out from the other engaged in a loose duet with a man who sings like he was raised tethered in an attic. An evil marching beat unlawfully wedded to some filthy guitars..... it's enough to make the dead sit up and nod.. exactly what you need"
Indeed.......... let the revolution continue...



Written By: M.A.S.S.

hey kids, i like this place,
i'm gonna make myself at home
i won first place in the human race and,
i never wanna take it slow
i'm never gonna let no skinny rat faced little boy
make my decisions, colour my visions, take away my joy
want some, got some, need a little more but there's none left in this BAG
my page has got no words on it, because writing them is such a drag
spare me from your BEATING ROD
spare me from your CHILD
and hold back everything you said,
i'm too young to deny
i wanna testify
she holds onto her money, like it has legs of it's own
10,000 big strong men could never, take it from her HOME
her personality is like, a sickly sweet perfume
you know she's on her way before, she walks into a room
i wanna testify
(tell it)
she said
he said
i only want the maximum
i only wanna feel the heat
i had 25 years with my face in the dirt
and now i'm moving to a different beat
oh my pretty baby you got everything you need
but i got plans to steal it all away
and i don't wanna make YOU bleed.
i wanna testify


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