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"The show"

In BELGIUM, MASSACHUSETTS received triumphant acclaim from an audience of 3000 people at the "FIESTA CITY FESTIVAL" in VERVIERS.
When, at the end of the evening, MASSACHUSETTS closed the festival at the legendary "SPIRIT OF 66", a delirious crowd rushed in early and left latecomers to wait in long queues on the pavement.
The band, having become very popular in the east of Belgium, assembled an audience of 3000 people at the "VIBRATIONS FESTIVAL" in MALMEDY. Only a week later, 7000 people applauded and acclaimed them at the "SPA TRIBUTE FESTIVAL".

Since the disappearance of Maurice Gibb the Bee Gees occupy forever one of the most significant places in the Pantheon of historic pop music legends. "Massachusetts" pay a vibrating homage to them in a show of almost two hours. Enjoying an international reputation and having been recognized by the official European fan clubs, the group communicates the true Bee Gees feeling!

Their remarkable vocal precision and their great sensitivity make the public shiver. They reproduce the most beautiful songs of the immense repertory of the Gibb brothers, thus offering an exceptional document of their timeless writing. The great melodies succeed one another, involving the spectator in spite of himself in a flash-back "flower power" atmosphere.

From their very first success during the sixties: " New York mining disaster 1941" to " This is where I came in ", theirllast album signed some 40 years later, the "Bee Gees tribute" presents itself as a succession of nostalgic and enchanting scenes!

And then there is the disco period! The universal dance will make even the most inhibited person jump with joy and happiness! With their charming presence on stage, Massachusetts naturally communicates its passion for the music of Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. - Ourthe-Ambleve (Belgium Local)





Since the death of Maurice Gibb, the Bee Gees forever took an important place in the pantheon of legendary groups of Pop music. The band Massachusetts brings forth a vivacious homage with a 2 hour long show.

With striking precision and tremendous sensitivity, Massachusetts recalls the real Bee Gees feeling! These Belgium boys have now captured an international audience, and are being recognized by the official European Bee Gees Fan Club. And from this moment on, this band now has their own fan club!

Massachusetts offers a selection of the greatest songs from the enormous, formidable, and timeless repertoire of the Brothers Gibb.
The audience is taken from one big melody to another, and all of a sudden you are reliving the Flower Power period. Many nostalgic and heart warming songs are performed. From New York Mining Disaster 1941, the first success of the Bee Gees in the 60's, to "This Is Where I Came In," their last dynamic album, almost 40 years later. Of course the disco lovers are not to be forgotten. And, such hits as "Staying Alive" and "Night Fever" are also in the program!

Massachusetts knows how to bring out the passion of the music of Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb in a very natural way. In a way that everyone will enjoy!